SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica established an 11th Street Historic District that will protect five unique California style bungalows.

Along 11th Street in Santa Monica, a small group of hundred year old bungalows has been home to a number of individuals and their families over the years. The proposed 11th Street Historic District Designation application was filled by the Santa Monica Mid-City Neighbors, a city-recognized organization, on June 7, 2018. The entire 11th Street block was built in a relatively short time span from 1904 to 1911, with the last home built was located at 1115 Arizona Avenue in 1925.

Santa Monica Historic District Designation Criteria states that a “geographic area or a noncontiguous grouping of thematically related properties may be designated a Historic District if the Santa Monica City Council finds that such area meets one of the following criteria pursuant to Santa Monica Municipal Code 9.56.100(B):

1.     It exemplifies, symbolizes, or manifests elements of the cultural, social, economic, political or architectural history of the City.

2.     It has aesthetic or artistic interest or value, or other noteworthy interest or value.

3.     It is identified with historic personages or with important events in local, state or national history.

4.     It embodies distinguishing architectural characteristics valuable to a study of a period, style, method of construction, or the use of indigenous materials or craftsmanship, or is a unique or rare example of an architectural design, detail or historical type valuable to such a study.

5.     It is a significant or a representative example of the work or product of a notable builder, designer or architect.

6.     It has a unique location, a singular physical characteristic, or is an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community or the City.

The filed document by the Santa Monica Mid-City Neighbors state, “Ever since its first inhabitants set the precedent, Santa Monicans have valued an artful culture in harmony with the outdoors. The 11th Street bungalows exemplify this tradition. This rare cluster embodies the life and growth of Santa Monica. Researching who owned lots, built houses, and raised families on this 11th Street block reveals not only the vision of the city’s founders, but also the dreams of its residents, their character, aspirations, and way of life. Clearly this cluster of homes is a treasure trove, a historic district that tells the story of Santa Monica’s evolution.”