HOLLYWOOD—So after almost a month of being teased if Claire Grace could be the child that Cole Howard and Victoria Newman thought they lost all those years ago, the confirmation came this week on “The Young and the Restless.” Yes, the DNA results are in and Claire is their daughter. Yes, it changes everything for Cole and Victoria and those connected to them.

Nikki’s drinking has taken a turn for the absolute worst. She is drinking at Newman Enterprises; she looks a hot mess, and she is spiraling right before the viewer’s eyes. Victor, Victoria and Nick have no idea that she is back on the bottle. The situation is about to get worse as Jordan has vowed to make all of the Newman clan pay for what transpired to her sister Eve. We still don’t know what Jordan’s ultimate play is, but if her donning a wig, calling the authorities on herself and finding a room at the Athletic Club is any sign, it is not good. This is especially bad for Nikki who is certain she spotted Jordan, or did she?

Victor is outraged that Victoria is showing a bit of grace to the thought of a psychopath being her daughter, but as Michael Baldwin, who is representing Claire pointed out, that psychopath could be your daughter. Guess what? She is your granddaughter Victor. So a new addition has been added to the Newman family, one that makes plenty of sense. However, with Claire’s defense being guilty by reason of insanity, what does that mean for her future in Genoa City? Will she be carted off to a mental institution or will she get the chance to turn over a new leaf?

It looks like Summer and Chance’s romance spark is about to explode as the two spent time at a concert celebrating one of their favorite bands. Yes, these two have massive chemistry and it is fascinating to watch because everyone in GC sees it, everyone but I guess Chance. He is placating Sharon for the time being, but once these two share a kiss, it’s over.

Speaking of kisses, jealously is in the air between Phyllis and Christine. Yes, these ladies are foes; I mean Phyllis did try to kill Christine all those years back. That is not something you forgive. Danny and Christine are looking like an item and Phyllis does not like that one bit, but Christine is jealous of Danny and Phyllis spending time together. Never expected that, but I like seeing this rivalry.

The Jabot and Tucker McCall battle continues, as Tucker’s new company Glissade is aimed to steal one of Jabot’s products and pass it off as its own. To do this he would need Kyle to get insider information, and then frame someone. Well, Tucker it is going to be hard to frame Billy who is no longer at the company and at Chancellor-Winters. Kyle is conflicted about this plan, just as his romps with Audra in the sheets have heated up. The fact that Audra still doesn’t suspect what Kyle is up to is amazing, just as Jack, Ashley and Diane think they have the upper hand on their foe.

Daniel and Heather are spending more time together, now that she is back in GC. Yeah, Heather still has a torch for Daniel and with him being with Lily she now wants him back. Adam and Sally are still doing their dance around their relationship. Will they give it another go or not? All signs are pointing to a yes, but we will have to wait and see.  So at Chancellor-Winters we now have Billy, Lily, Devon, Jill, Nate and now Chance, that is a power group right there as it appears Devon is softening towards his cousin thanks to Mamie who is still feeling Jill’s ire.

Interesting developments are indeed transpiring here, especially as Kyle FINALLY spilled to Jack what Tucker is up to and Tucker is hoping to align yet again with Phyllis. Phyllis, hopefully you learned your lesson the first time around. Steer clear of Tucker, it will only get you in more trouble than you already are in.