UNITED STATES—President Donald Trump received a clean bill of health after a visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital on Saturday, November 16. Various news outlets reported the visit was an alleged food poisoning scare.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham issued a memorandum on Monday, November 18, signed by President Trump’s physician, and noted the visit was a routine checkup, that was not on record because of scheduling uncertainties.

According to Tom Pappert from the National File, reported that a reliable resource indicated that President Trump was rushed to Walter Reed Military Hospital after the President’s food tester became seriously ill from what is suspected attempt of food poisoning, which was proven not to be accurate.

Medical appointments for the President at Walter Reed or any hospital are pre-planned appointments. The White House source indicated to the National File that The White House gives advanced notice to Walter Reed, or any hospital to allow staff to prepare for transportation and infrastructure shutdowns necessary to protect the POTUS.