LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Clippers have now appointed former assistant coach Tyronn Lue with a 5-year contract to be head coach.

The Los Angeles Clippers season came to an end in the playoffs this year as they lost  a 3-1 lead in the second round to the Denver Nuggets in Game 7. Lue’s basketball record is currently 128-83. He started coaching in back 2016.

As a player, Lue won two NBA championships. As a coach, he won his first title while  with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lue had seen a similar scenario to that of this past NBA season in the bubble in Orlando, Florida was when he was coaching the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers were the first NBA team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals while playing against the Golden State Warriors.

“You’ve got to be pinpoint with your strategy, with what you do, why you do it and what happens if it doesn’t work. All those types of guys, that’s what they expect. Anything less will likely end in failure,” stated Lue’s coaching staff member Larry Drew.