UNITED STATES—It is no secret to the world that comedienne Kathy Griffin has rubbed quite a few people, let me rephrase that, a lot of people the wrong way. For those who have been sleeping under a rock, Griffin has received plenty and I mean plenty of backlash for that photo shoot of her holding what looked like a bloody, decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

Now I know that comedians are known for pushing the boundaries, but Griffin has gone way too far. I know there are plenty of people, who are not fans of President Donald Trump, and that is fine; people have the right to their opinion. However, joking about killing the President of the United States is a boundary that should never be crossed and for multiple reasons. The POTUS is our leader; the one who has perhaps the most stressful and demanding job in the world, and I would NEVER wish death on my worst enemy. Death is nothing to joke about, and when you put that type of talk or imagery in the world it makes one question just precisely what you are thinking.

Since the debacle, Griffin has been the talk of the universe. You could not turn on a TV channel last week without someone throwing their two cents into the mix. After the entire melee exploded via social media (no one should be surprised), Griffin issued a public apology, but it might have been too little too late at that point. You can’t post such a picture and poke fun and then when you realize it’s not so funny you want to retract what has transpired.

Griffin has been dragged through the mud, CNN canned her of her hosting gig for New Year’s Eve (which has become a bit of a tradition alongside Anderson Cooper), she has had several comedy shows canceled not to mention being dropped by several sponsors. Frankly put, Griffin has had a tough week, and I think things will only get better from here.

It’s a lesson learned; she made a terrible judgement call, one that is not funny in the least bit and now she is under investigation by the Secret Service for her actions. Can’t say I’m surprised, but Griffin should have expected it after what she did people. Some have argued that Griffin should be cut a bit of slack, but by doing so it raises the question of if we don’t hold comedians accountable for their actions when things have crossed the line who will?

That is a question I cannot answer, but at the same time, things must be done within reason. Everyone makes mistakes and I’m hoping that Griffin listens to what others are saying. You crossed the line; you don’t make threats or insinuate threats to the President of our country. Joke or no joke, it’s not funny Kathy. Griffin has been known to ensure her comedy rubs people the wrong way at times, this might be the one time that she discovered, what you think is funny, the rest of the world may not think.