GRIFFITH PARK—After a canceled real estate deal and a community fundraiser, Griffith Park is growing in size.

In an effort to preserve Griffith Park, fellow community members organized a fundraiser that raised over $500,000  to conserve the park from future development. Local residents Jason Greenland and Cory Nickerson teamed up with the organization, ‘Friends of Griffith Park’ and had a deal completed by early April. The deal was contingent on a shortened escrow of only 21 days.

The community fundraiser saw over 100 contributions ranging from six-figure donations to a $2 donation from an 8-year-old that helped ensure that the park would remain preserved. Griffith Park starred in shows such as “Star Trek” and “Twin Peaks, and was also showcased in films like “Hail, Caesar!”, “The Scorpion King,” and “Under the Silver Lake.”

The project started last year when a real estate opportunity presented itself as two parcels on the outskirts of the park were up for sale. The two vacant lots totaled almost 1.4 acres and were located near the southern border. The properties hit the market at $850,000, instead of the original $1.144 million asking price.

Investors were quick to jump and a developer set a deal aimed to close escrow at the beginning of the year. The deal from the transaction fell apart in escrow. When the news broke that the deal fell was no longer in place, the community came together to raise funds.

“When this pandemic is over, Los Angeles will have an even bigger and better Griffith Park to return to,” said Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu in a statement. A total of $15,000 was contributed by his office.