LAUREL CANYON—Laurel Canyon is calling upon its residents to improve the quality of the community. Immediate action is being taken to clean storm drains, as well as dirt and rocks so that the narrow Canyon roads are not at risk of being damaged during seasonal rains.

In the Laurel Canyon Newsletter it was stated that Laurel Canyon Association President Jamie Hall recently spoke to Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu’s Field Deputy about the community’s need to improve current infrastructure conditions. Residents are being asked to submit a list of locations that they believe need immediate help. The only limitation set is that there will be no pot hole repairs or repairs done to concrete streets. Work will only be completed on asphalt streets.

The Laurel Canyon Association has requested residents who live on steep streets move their trash cans where they will not be in danger of the flow line of the curb when it rains. Some trash cans can end up in the flow of the water moving down the street and can result in a hazard for other residents who are walking and driving. The poorly positioned trash cans can lead to the spread of trash around the various hillside roads of Laurel Canyon.

Addresses of locations that are in need of repairs can be sent to the Laurel Canyon Association. To sign up for emails from the Laurel Canyon Association visit their website.