BEVERLY HILLS—In a press conference Friday, May 1 at 11 a.m., LA City Attorney Mike Feuer and District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced a lawsuit against Beverly Hills-based company Applied BioSciences Corporation for the sale and advertisement of non-FDA approved, at-home test kits to detect Coronavirus. The United States Department of Defense recently notified their offices about this matter. This is the first civil action to arise from The Los Angeles Joint Coronavirus Task Force. It is also a recent collaboration with the Federal Department of Justice COVID-19 Fraud Task Force in Washington, D.C.

According to Lacey, this lawsuit names the company’s President Chris Bridges and Founder/Chairman Scott Stevens as the defendants, and asks the court to stop their actions of selling the test kits online and marketing their site. “We are also seeking civil penalties and restitution for all consumers who bought the test kits. Under the law, we may seek as much as $2,500 in penalties for each violation” Lacey states.

Their product, previously sold at, was allegedly marketed to various target groups including schools, hospitals, and law enforcement for $35 each. Applied BioSciences declared their test kits could diagnose COVID-19 with 96.3% accuracy through a simple finger prick procedure and results after 15 minutes.

Lacey further expressed this lawsuit accuses the company for “making false claims that are misleading, unfair, unlawful, and dangerous,” and presented their violations of the state’s Unfair and False Advertising Laws as well as the Sherman Act. She made it clear, once again, that “no at-home, COVID-19 serological test has been approved by the FDA”.

Attorney Mike Feuer reminds the public that residents of Los Angeles can now receive free Coronavirus testing, and “do not need to rely on anyone attempting to mislead us online”.