UNITED STATES—While it might seem easy to be anonymous in the modern world, it is actually quite difficult. There are many ways to find information on someone, even if they don’t want to be identified. Reverse number searches are a perfect example of this fact. 

Whether you are being targeted by pranksters or receiving harassing messages from an unknown number, these directories can provide a surprising amount of information about the owner of a number you search.

There are plenty of services that let you conduct a cell phone lookup for free, but there are also paid options. You may be wondering if there is any real difference between free and paid services. We’re here to answer that question.

What Do Cell Phone Lookup Services Do?

Cell phone lookup services are, in essence, a form of a reverse phone book. Rather than trying to find a number using someone’s name, you search for the name associated with a phone number.

This has many uses. For example, if an unknown number has been trying to contact you, you can use sites like these to find out who is calling you. You can also use them to figure out who the unsaved numbers in your phone belong to. 

Of course, there are more serious situations when you might need to trace a phone number. For example, if someone has been harassing you, using a site like this could help you to identify them to the police.

Paid vs. Free – What’s the Difference?

As is often the case, you will find free reverse phone directories and ones that have fees associated with their services. While they perform the same basic function, there are generally some differences between them. These include:

  • The amount of records in the company’s database
  • The availability of additional features, e.g. background checking, criminal record checks
  • The amount of information provided when a number is searched

If you only want to know who the person calling you is, therefore, paid services are not necessarily worth it. However, if you want more information on the person who owns the number, paid services could be the best option for you.

Top Paid and Free Cell Phone Lookup Number Services

There are many different options to choose from, so let’s cover the best free and paid phone number checking services that are active right now.

Best Free Cell Phone Number Checking Services

These two companies offer free phone number checking services. We have chosen them because they have great customer reviews and their free options offer fairly detailed information.


CocoFinder is one of the most advanced free reverse number checkers on the market right now. They have a range of paid extra features, but you can search phone numbers for free. CocoFinder is particularly good for the efficiency of its interface; all relevant profiles that could match a number are shown in one place, making it a quick process. They also display results instantly.


NumLooker is a versatile free number checking service that you can use on the go. Their site functions rather like Google, which makes it very user-friendly. You do not need to make an account to search a number through their site, and better yet, they have a truly colossal database – which means they can generally find information about most numbers.

Best Paid Reverse Number Checking Companies

If you need more detailed information, paid services are generally the only option. These are two of the best premium number checking services available right now:


BeenVerified provides incredibly detailed reports that include the full name of the person who owns a number, their known aliases, their age, and known addresses, as well as supplementary numbers that may be connected to them. Unlike many of their competitors, they have a very user-friendly app. They also use a subscription model; you can opt for one month for $26.89 or three months for $17.48 per month.


TruthFinder is one of the most reliable phone number lookup services around, and they’re also affordable. They use a subscription model and their plans start at $4.99 per month. This basic package offers limited information, such as the name of the person who owns the number, their known aliases, and other contact information. If you want more details, however, you can pay more for incredibly detailed reports.