WEST HOLLYWOOD— On Thursday, June 2, Conan O’Brien announced he would move his show’s filming location to Largo in West Hollywood.

In an exclusive with Dateline, the late-night host confirmed the first show to be held there is scheduled for July 6. Conan also assured that safety guidelines, set by both the industry and the government, will be followed. There will be no live audience and crew members will be limited. The majority of the staff will continue to work from home. Additionally, guests will still be interviewed through Zoom.

The show has reportedly been filmed through Conan’s iPhone since it went remote in March. His entire production currently team works from home.

The host also revealed a personal connection to the theater: “I got started doing improv at the Coronet in 1986 and I’m glad we’ve figured out a way to safely keep that theater going during this lockdown.” Largo’s owner expressed he was “thrilled” when Team Coco expressed a desire to help the theater out “during these awful times.”

Conan will be the first late-night host to move filming back into a venue.

In addition to this show, Conan’s Team Coco will retake their monthly live stand-up show online. Team Coco Live: Moses Storm & Friends first episode will air on Thursday July 9 and will stream via Twitch.