LOS ANGELES—Caltrans crews are scheduled to begin work on the 101 freeway on Monday, July 6. Work will consist of repaving the road and adding more guardrails. It will extend 24 miles from Las Virgenes Road in Calabasas to the 170/134 interchange, also known as the Hollywood Split, in Studio City.

Caltrans also announced that two northbound lanes along this stretch are expected to close from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, an interval that sees the bulk of rush hour traffic from the Downtown Los Angeles Area. The project has a budget of $62 million.

Crews will begin repaving the 101 northbound on Monday.
Crews will begin repaving the 101 northbound on Monday.

Though crews will be working hard to finish the renovations on schedule by fall 2016, they will only be working overnight, to avoid busier hours of the day.

Drivers have been notified of the upcoming project with notice signs that Caltrans set up along the route. Caltrans has also cautionedabout doubled fines for any traffic infractions drivers may commit near the construction zones.

Caltrans spokesperson Patrick Chandler said on behalf of the department on the project, that while the 101 is “still ride-able,” the stretch “may be a little bumpy in some sections” and that they “want to make sure we can maintain a good level of ride-ability, a smooth ride and also to enhance the safety on the highway.”

The 101 freeway is considered one of the worst roads for commuting in the country. On average, the section undergoing renovations is driven on by over 300,000 commuters daily.

Caltrans is already in the process of replacing pavement on another major Southern California roadway, the Long Beach Freeway (710 Interstate). Work for that project extends from the Los Angeles Bridge to the on-ramp of the San Bernardino Freeway. Construction began back in 2012, and will finish next year.