SHERMAN OAKS—Isabel Cueva is becoming a well-known name now in Tinseltown. The Latina beauty finds herself vying for roles with some of Hollywood’s biggest exotic-looking actresses and A-list names. Casting directors are starting to take notice of her, and just on the heels of her latest film “In The Name of Freedom,” a film that Cueva not only starred in, but produced and directed, alongside her creative partner Douglas Tait. Isabel is one of the world’s greatest beauties both inside and out. The newly famous star spoke exclusively with Canyon News in between film festivals all over Southern California.

Cueva is also a producer and actress on Chris Cashman’s acclaimed “Goofyfoot”. She also guest starred on HBO’s “Entourage” and is currently filming “One By One: Death’s Door.” Here’s the talented actress in her own words.

Q-What project have you done in the past that has made the biggest impact on who you have become as an artist?

A-“Tommy that would have to be ”˜In The Name Of Freedom.’”

Q-Were you surprised by the success and acclaim “In The Name of Freedom” received?

A-“Yes, I was surprised to have an amazing response by the press, festivals, by the public and by other artists. [I was] especially surprised to have distribution offers by multiple companies. I didn’t expect to have this response on my screenplay and directorial debut.”

Q-What do you have planned for your next project? Will you be acting, producing or directing?
A-“I’ve been offered to star in a few feature films. One of them is a comedy called ”˜Americano’ by the amazingly talented Chris Cashman. Another Indie feature I’m attached to is a thriller called ”˜Black Mesa,’ which was written by Dennis Doornbos. I’m also writing my first television pilot and soon will be looking for financing to produce my first feature script ”˜My Brothers, My Enemies,’ which is the dramatic feature partially based on my film ”˜In the Name of Freedom.’ I will probably play one of the leads in my feature, but that’s if we are able to bring a male A-list actor. I would like to direct it as well, but if whoever finances my film requires an A-list director, I of course will move to the side and let them lead the way.”

Q-Who is your dream male and female costar and why?

A-“I thought about this one for a long while. It’s hard to choose one since there are so many amazing actors that I would love to work with. The female would be Meryl Streep. And you now why. I just love how she embodies characters and brings them to life. How she lights up the screen no matter who she plays and her versatility is unbelievable. And the male would be Leonardo DiCaprio. I love his work, and I admire the films and people he has chosen to work with.”

Q-Do you feel an added responsibility to be a role model for young Latina women who are struggling in our industry?

A-“Of course. I don’t know why I have always felt that responsibility, since I was a kid. My parents made me aware of the influence and power our lives can have on others, so I think in any level of success that we are in, someone is following behind us and knowing that makes me work harder and many times steers my decisions in a certain direction. Which ends up being a decision of ”˜what will advance or help the group.’”

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