UNITED STATES—Costco Wholesale is recalling Kirkland’s Signature,”Three Berry Blend,” sold at three locations in United States which may have tested positive for Hepatitis A. The Food Administration Department (FDA) announced in a press release on Tuesday, June 11.

Costco inventory confirmed the product distributed by Townsend Farms did not test positive for the virus according to buy dates of February 16, 2020 and May 14, 2020.

“Costco’s Corporate office still warned members of the possible fruit contamination via email, and voicemail,” said Rosy Valencia at Costco’s Business Center via phone to Canyon News.

Hepatitis A is a virus transmitted through food which can lead to severe liver disease if not treated properly. Symptoms appear between 15 to 50 days after contact, causing fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice and dark urine.

Townsend Farms Inc, informed Costco after a recent FDA test indicating the company used domestic conventional frozen blackberries to manufacture Kirkland’s Signature blend which could be affected with hepatitis A. The products were sold at Costco stores in  Los Angeles, San Diego, and Hawaii.

Affected bags have the following codes located in the white box on the back of the product;

  1. FEB1620,(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  2. FEB1820,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  3. FEB2920,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  4. MAR0120,(A),(B),(C),or (D);
  5. APR1920,(B),(C), or (D);
  6. APR2020(A),(B),(C),(D),(E), or (F);
  7. APR2720(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  8. APR2820(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  9. MAY0220(A),(B),(C),(D),(E),(F),(G), or (H);
  10. MAY0420 (H).

Costco members with questions about the recall can contact Townsend Farms 877-244- 0947 or email TownsendFarms4283@stericycle.com The FDA advised consumers to photograph the product to receive refunds before disposing.