WEST HOLLYWOOD–On November 2, the City Council approved a proposal that would adjust their monthly compensation and update the Public Officials Expense Reimbursement distribution. The policy does not go into effect until the beginning of March 2017.

Canyon News spoke with Joshua Schare, Public Information Officer for the City of West Hollywood via email who indicated that the City Council voted for the policy 4-0. Those who voted for the policy were Mayor Pro Tempore Lauren Meister, John D’Amico, John J. Duran, and John Heilman. Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath abstained.

During the November 2 meeting, Mayor Horvath stated her reason for abstaining, “I think that we are answerable to the people of the community. And that if we are going to have this increase move forward, I would like to see it happen, initiated by members of the public. And I am not in disagreement of the sentiments that have been expressed, but I think that’s just my sentiment.”

In 2005, the monthly compensation was set at $825, which went into effect in 2007. The monthly expense reimbursement was set at $250 for mobile communications.

For the beginning of March 2017, the monthly compensation could be adjusted to $1,237, and the amount of the monthly expense reimbursement would remain the same at $250. The distribution would change from $150 for mobile communications and $100 for transportation. In addition, council members received medical contributions and other employee benefits, and reimbursements for city approved expenses according to the City of West Hollywood Department of Finance & Technology Services Staff Report by David Wilson.

During the City Council meeting, one of the categories for reimbursement was amended from $100 for transportation to $100 for transportation and office supplies.