CALIFORNIA—On Friday, November 15, Los Angeles Councilmember David Ryu introduced a motion to amend the city’s governing documents to aid in the development of homeless housing in the 4th District which includes Griffith Park, Los Feliz, Hollywood and Sherman Oaks.

According to the Los Angeles Homelessness Services Authority, there are approximately 50,000 to 60,000 people living on the streets in Los Angeles County; a 12 percent increase from last year’s report.

In the fall of 2019, the Trump Administration issued an order to construct a solution to end homelessness in Los Angeles targeting the Skid Row area where the unhoused population is highly concentrated. Other cities in California with a high number of people experiencing homelessness were considered in the order as well. One of the administration’s ideas was to move the homeless population into facilities administered by the federal government.

In September 2019, Ryu wrote a letter to President Trump stating, “I have noticed that you have taken a recent interest in California’s homelessness crisis, felt most measurably in the City of Los Angeles. After many years of neglect, I am pleased to see the federal government notice this humanitarian crisis felt across our nation.”

In the letter, he proposed along with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to utilize an underused lot located on 5161 Sepulveda Boulevard in District 4 to combat housing issues in Los Angeles.

Canyon News asked Councilmember Ryu why he supported impeaching the president when President Trump has shown interest in solving homelessness in Los Angeles. A response wasn’t issued.

According to Advertisement Analytics, $8.3 million has been spent nationwide ads related to assist in President Trump’s impeachment. Advertisement Analytics is a firm that specializes in media and spending. The numbers they provided include all media like radio, TV, digital and social media.

According to most recent records, 207 house Democrats and one Independent support the impeachment inquiry. Councilmember Ryu tweeted on September 26, “It’s time to stand up for the U.S. Constitution. It’s time for an impeachment inquiry.”

Canyon News reached out to Councilmember Ryu’s office for a statement and never responded to the request.