HELLO AMERICA!—There are too many young hopefuls who arrive in our magic town of Hollywood, expecting to be discovered immediately based on their looks or physical presence, but Courtney Gains was not one of these people. As a youngster, he prepared himself by taking acting classes, music and script writing; he made up his mind to fully understand the creative forces which demanded artistic attention.

“I practically lived in the movie houses as a kid,” he said. “I was fascinated with what one could on the screen.  I loved horror films and I could see myself playing many of the characters.  So when I was offered to take on one of the characters in the film Children of the Corn I jumped at it, after all it was based on a Stephen King novel.”

He later signed to appear in such films as: “Colors,” “Sweet Home Alabama” and “House Across the Street.”  He admits that working with such highly professional, technical film people was an intense experience.  “Because of the high budgets and time limits for practically every moment on the stage was vital, you had to know your business.  You were not paid to play around or commiserate with your friends or those new acting buddies.  It was business and you could be easily replaced if you forgot that fact.  So I watched and listened to everything while waiting for my time in front of the camera.  It was hard work but very exciting, especially when you got a chance to see the rushes!”

When producers, especially those involved in television, became aware of Courtney, his agents had no difficulty getting him booked on such hit shows as “Seinfeld,” “Monk,” “Jay” and “My Name is Earl” and so many others listed as “Guest” star.  “Yeah, I’ve worked with some heavy weights since I’ve been in the business. One of the most exciting times was working in a TV pilot called “Studio House” starring Ruta Lee, Debra Wilson (Mad TV), DeAnna Joy Brooks; it was a hoot, the best time ever! We are still hoping that it will be picked up; all the characters are insane in a beautiful.  So, we’re hoping but then everything takes time in our business.”

As for his music ambitions, Courtney admits that because he has been committed to acting either on TV or film, his love for performing music has been limited.  He worked as a musician and performed live on stage with PHISH a few times and since released a solo album.  “Everything takes time, especially if you really want to present something to the public you feel will be considered special.  And I’ve never been one of those who rushed anything.  Every day I try to accomplish something worthwhile, something special artistically.  Sometimes it works and then there are days I wished I had stayed in bed.  Hey, I believe that’s the challenge for any of us who crave to create or introduce something new and exciting.”

Courtney Gains is definitely one of those artists who is determined to be around a long time.  “When I think of all those fantastic artists, producers, composers and directors who survived on lots such as MGM, Warner Bros, Paramount, RKO and all the others making life fun and full of hope, it makes me want to be one of that family.”