HOLLYWOOD—I seriously had no intention talking about “General Hospital” this week, but that courtroom drama involving Kiki and Griffin left me floored. Why? Scott leaked those details to Franco who managed to leak that information to Ava and while under oath the truth exploded, because Ava wanted it to. I cannot recall the last time I witnessed Ava Jerome full of rage, the look in her eyes were downright vicious; she could slice you in half if she stared long enough.

She stormed out of that courtroom and delivered not one, but two vicious slaps to Griffin’s face, as it became apparent Scott was helping Dr. Bensch and his case against Kiki. Hmm, I’m not sure why Ava would want to tank her daughter’s case, but it could come back to bite her in the butt.  Well, Ava did the exact same thing to Kiki, not once, but several times with Morgan. So I’ve said this before and I will say it again, you reap what you sew, but Ava doesn’t seem to think so. She can do wrong to everyone and should be forgiven, but God forbid you betray her all hell breaks loose.

It was so refreshing to see Franco place a mirror in front of Ava and force her to take a cold-hearted look at herself. Her day of reckoning has arrived, one that she never expected. Dare I say as a viewer it was a treat to see her unravel? However, Ava wanted payback and she certainly got it by leaking to the hospital that Griffin took pics of Peter’s DNA results getting him suspended from GH. Griffin, you are not in the doghouse, you are on Ava’s you know what list and she will get her revenge if it’s the last thing she does.

I am DYING and I mean literally dying to find out who is keeping Anna and Finn hostage. Who is this individual who is gravely ill and needs Finn’s expertise to save them? It’s Cassandra! Are you freaking kidding me? That was the most lackluster reveal ever, so fingers crossed whoever her boss is (we know it’s a male) is a much bigger reveal than any of us could imagine. I don’t see it being Faison, but if it was oh, that would be juicy television to say the least. Robert and Jason are working together to discover the truth, but it seems Anna is not the least bit concerned about who her captor is, and I cannot understand why?

Another major development is we learned that mystery patient trying to get in contact with Carly at Ferncliff is none other than KEVIN! Yes, his twin brother, Ryan, who we all assumed to be very dead, ain’t so dead after all. Hmm, just what is Ryan up to; this tells me it has to tie in some way to the return of Genie Francis in a few weeks. The writers better not disappoint with this surprise.

There is more juicy gossip we need to discuss, Donna Mills is returning as Madeline Reeves, yes, that Madeline, Nina’s mother. Hmm, it looks like Madeline might have a score to settle with her daughter or Valentin, which leaves viewers’ wondering just what secret from Madeline’s past will come to light now. “General Hospital” just as one story wraps, you certainly find a way to usher in new storylines that are certain to keep the audience hooked for weeks to come.