UNITED STATES—This is the craziest thing in the world, but got damn I cannot wait till this COVID-19 pandemic ends. There are so many people acting like everything is back to normal because some businesses have reopened their doors, but hello things are not back to normal and they will never be back to normal. What do I mean by that? For starters, so many businesses have gone out of business. It is just down right alarming, scary and could be a sign of things to come.

I do believe restaurants received the strongest punch from the pandemic because so many have gone out of business and will not be reopening their doors. That is very scary because a lot of revenue that fuels the economy and employees so many individuals is the restaurant industry. So with that said, you’re talking about a lot of people who have lost their jobs and guess what: they will not get those jobs back. They’re gone. I’m so sick and tired of hearing people say, “The economy is great, unemployment numbers have dropped.” It may have dropped, but the economy is NOT booming so the President and all these politicians trying to push this positive narrative need to stop. Go talk to people who are on unemployment and struggling to find a job and any source of assistance to stay afloat during these difficult times. Have you heard of any politicians doing such a thing? I have not, how about you? If they did they would understand the plight and frustration so many people have when it comes to finding a stable and reliable job in an ever-changing economy.

If I hear one more person say, go to school to get a better job opportunity I’m going to blow my casket. Getting a college education DOES NOT GUARANTEE WORK! I don’t know why people have that impression, it might open up a few doors, but it is not guarantee and people need to stop pushing that narrative because it’s a load of crap that has no relevancy whatsoever.

You know how you get a job: 1) connections. Yeah, people don’t want to hear it, but so what, connections make a massive difference between landing a job and not landing one. Who you know can get your foot in the door, what you know determines if you keep your foot in that door. I know so many people who get their foot in the door, but are so unqualified for positions it’s sickening. Right now, I feel like the US economy is hanging on by life support.

People are spending money, but nothing compared to how they spent before this pandemic struck us like a massive rainstorm that has not stopped pouring. So many businesses have closed their doors it’s baffling. I mean I was at the mall paying some bills recently and the amount of stores who have shuttered their doors or have gone out of business just scared me to my stomach. Do I blame online shopping for this? Yes. There is nothing wrong with it, but it just takes away from the brick and mortar stores and I wonder why. The amount of people I see purchase things online, only to return them in store annoys me to the death.

Imagine if all the brick and mortar stores no longer exist, how do people plan to return those items. You will not be able to do it in person people, so that is something you might want to consider and I mean seriously consider. Nothing against Amazon, I know a lot of people love it, I’m not a fan. I like to touch, feel and ACTUALLY see what I’m buying before I buy it. Another reason I hate online shopping is let’s say you purchase something, you have to wait for the item to arrive.

I recently made a purchase at an online retailer and waited over 10 days only to discover after calling the item was sold out, yet my credit card was charged. I think had to wait another 10 days to get that charge removed from my account. I was livid, I was enraged and have vowed to NEVER shop their again.

Businesses are closing, people are out of work, the economy is NOT booming like people think, the post office is suffering, revenue has taken a massive hit for tons of companies, the list goes on and on. So tell me how is everything ok? Its ok for those who have unlimited funds because they don’t have to WORRY, for those without it, the worry continues endlessly. The scary thing is that there might not be any end in sight when it comes to this pandemic at least at the current moment.

Written By Jason Jones