BEVERLY HILLS—Beverly Hills Mayor, John Mirisch, alongside the Beverly Hills City Council assembled The COVID-19 Kindness Task Force on Friday, March 20. The task force seeks to gather all able community volunteers to help each other, seniors, and most vulnerable citizens during this time of crisis.

“We’re going to be looking at ways, virtually and safely, to help the most vulnerable among us meet their everyday needs and to make the isolation brought on by social distancing more bearable,” said Mayor Mirisch.

The task force assembled an online form that urges community members experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to seek immediate medical attention by contacting their health care provider. For anyone who knows someone who needs help, they can complete the form found here on their behalf.

To volunteer, participants must be healthy and not display any of the COVID-19 symptoms; fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc. Volunteers must not have recently traveled outside of the county, come into contact with someone sick, and have been practicing social distancing. Interested volunteers can sign up here.

For questions,  send an email to