UNITED STATES—During the first stage of the COVID19 shutdown I was looking for ways to exercise and not violate the guidelines. I bought dumbbells and additionally decided that I would take a long walk daily at 4AM, when no one was awake. One morning while I was walking, I heard footsteps in the dark. It scared me and I became nervous. I thought should I run? Or should I keep my cool? The steps were faster and faster and then a voice. It was a cop wondering what I was doing walking at 4 AM. Suddenly I relaxed and explained to the police officer what I was doing. He told me to be careful and then I continued my walk.

This story reminds me of where we are at now with COVID. People are running scared of the unknown. Our population is living in fear which creates stress and bad health. I wonder how many mental breakdowns have occurred during this period. Mental health absolutely impacts physical wellbeing. An article I recently read said that COVID-19 has tripled the rate of depression in US adults in all demographic groups


What we do know is that when people get sick who are not in the high-risk category, in almost every case they have quickly returned to good health. So many examples of people including some high-risk individuals developing COVID-19  and in a short time returning to a  normal state of health. President Trump fully recovered from COVID in less than ten days. Ben Roethilisberger a football player was able to play again in less than one week after being diagnosed as positive. The list goes on and on of persons who contracted COVID and recovered.

Many people practice social distancing, quarantine and wear a mask. To my way of thinking all these safeguards combined do not equal taking steps to boost the immune system. The immune system can be made stronger by the foods you consume, the way you eat, exercise, attitude, reduction of stress and weight management.

What this tells me, and I am just a common man (my opinion) is that it is time to accept that COVID is not the killer for which it was originally thought. I believe that it is time to stop all these color tier shutdowns and return things to normal.  Start by taking better care of one’s own body, so if sickness does occur the recovery will be faster. To begin accepting that you may get sick, but you will also most likely fully recover is a good step. Isn’t life full of risk anyway? “If people never take risk the world would end”. If everyone stays home to long the economy will stop and the result will be a worldwide meltdown.

Staying home and the forced closing of business, for the “healthy non high-risk person” is not the answer in my opinion. However, I might suggest that high risk people do just that: Stay home for this period of time. To never go out in order to guard their health. For such people there is modern technology through apps on the phone where they can order items they require for daily living such as food. I believe that this category of person “high risk individuals” must follow a different set of rules than others. If such a high-risk person develops any illness the result can be a sad ending.

So much suffering by closing business after business cannot continue.  Some business has flourished due to COVID such as Amazon and liquor companies, but most have floundered or even failed. I think it is time to fully open all business (with no threat or chance of reclosing’s) and give people back their life’s once again. Yes, a normal life and accept the good and bad, which also includes getting sick and recovering.

When we were children our parents taught us to cover when we sneezed or coughed. We were taught to follow this procedure so as to not spread unhealthy germs. To cover up when sneezing is both common courtesy and logical.

Remember in the past if a person got sick it was normal to stay home and away from everyone until fully recovered.  If someone got sick in school or a company the entire system did not shut down. Only the sick student or employee stayed home until once again healthy. We were also taught to wash our hands before meals. These same simple rules we have all learned at childhood apply now more than ever. Based on what we know now, to me it makes “zero” sense that everyone stays home, curfews are ordered, and business remains shuttered or half opened.

COVID-19 is absolutely real, and it is best to take steps to be safe. Realize that even the most minor illness or surgery can cause a person to die. Any and all types of sickness should always be treated immediately and taken seriously. At the same time realize that getting sick often boosts your immune system. Many medical professionals will tell your that over the long run it is healthy to occasionally get sick.

In general people must be aware of their own genetic predisposition (heredity) to live a longer happier life. If everyone in a person’s family died at 50 years, it a good idea to find our why and then protect yourself.

The bottom line is in the health field it is important to know if you are of high risk, regardless of the COVID-19 environment. Once hereditary issues are identified a person should undertake a strategy to overcome the identified risk. Most hereditary risk factors can be reduced with medications and or a change in lifestyle. As an example, I have a friend who had a serious problem. No male in his family had ever lived past fifty years old due to high cholesterol. He got on medications to control this problem and has live far past fifty years old.

I believe that everyone should take steps to boost their immune system by eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, drink 8 glasses of water daily and reduce stress levels to avoid getting sick. Let me repeat what I just said: “Please take steps to boost your immune system as a first line of defense”.

Even when the vaccination becomes available for COVID (which I hope to be first in line to receive), strengthening the immune system must be your first priority to maintain good health. In addition to the vaccination there will soon be a much more accurate and faster testing available that can even be used at home.

I am aware of one company with such a test who is currently seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). With such testing which will be at reasonable pricing this is another reason to stop the closures. People will know when they are infected and can stay home until full recovery, thus avoid passing on the virus. The current fast tests results are not permissible when flying due to accuracy issues. This new fast result test (20 minutes) will be accepted at all levels including boarding international flights.

I recently read an article that outlined a strategy effectively used at Duke University. The article pointed out that a testing strategy allowed the university to fully open with great success. Knowing quickly when a person got sick was the solution that allowed the school to achieve a full opening while keeping students safe ( https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-11-21/how-coronavirus-tested-helped-duke-university-keep-its-doors-open ) . It is my opinion that the fast test mentioned earlier (soon to be approved) is a strategy that should be employed instead of these closings and curfews.

Coupled with these precautions (vaccinations, home testing, etc.), pumping up the immune system is the best medicine.  Boosting your immune system should be of paramount importance in this environment. I have seen very few people changing their eating or exercise habits.  The good news is that there are a few people who are following this regiment of strengthening their immune systems. Recently it was reported that vitamin sales have increased by seventy five percent over the last month.

My thoughts on diet and the importance to the immune system are not revolutionary. In 1903 Thomas Edison was concerned about the healthcare of his time and stated: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

I have written a book outlining a diet that does exactly this: It boosts your immune system “The Baby Food Diet – For Adults”.  A diet that is more about getting healthy than becoming thin. Being overweight (type 2 diabetes) is one of the highest of risk factors regarding COVID-19. A healthier thinner person has less chance of developing type 2 diabetes than an overweight person.

The diet program uses meal replacement with advance prepared meal substitution. Meals that have supplements embedded and are easy to digest. This diet is simple and easy. My first book is simple and easy to understand. Soon I will publish a second book that is science based explaining this diet program. This new book is being co-authored by top scientist’s and medical doctors fully explaining why this way of eating is a permanent solution to robust health.

While on the diet you replace breakfast and lunch and eat dinner normally as if you were not on a diet at all.  “The Baby Food Diet – For Adults” as outlined in my book uses the concept of “interment fasting and portion control’ as the core of the strategy. The diet is designed around helping people to avoid developing type 2 diabetes, earning higher self-esteem, increasing energy levels, and getting to a place to having a more fulfilling heathy life. The diet is not a fad diet but instead a permanent solution to “better health”.  ( https://youtu.be/4CzVOlnM2fw ). As a side benefit the diet is also a permanent solution to weight management.

The two daily replacement meals as called for by the book can be bought at any store in generic form. However, for optimum results it is best to buy and consume the official brands of the book: G.L.O.W. and BFD. These foods have additives that make them superfoods. They have been developed by top inhouse scientists and have patented protection.

What we do know is that high-risk people have weak immune systems and therefore are more prone to all types of sickness. A high-risk person is anyone over 85 years old, extreme stress levels, overweight, diabetes and any type of lung disease. So yes, wear a mask when in public to protect high risk people. As already mentioned, with modern apps and the ability to order most things online high-risk people should actually be staying home and not going except when necessary. When at home they should exercise daily to stay strong and fit.  There are many exercises that can be done at home. Maybe for example, purchase a stationary bike, practice doing calisthenics daily, buy some dumbbells etc.

In summary, take every step you can to stay healthy even if it seems ridiculous. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Having a game plan is everything when it comes to success. Get the vaccination, get tested regularly once the fast home test is available, if your sick stay at your house until you are once again healthy, if you’re in the high risk category please stay home and just do not go out, wear a mask to protect others when required.

Most important as your first line of defense is to have a strategy which will “boost your immune system”. This can be achieved with proper rest, staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water, practice regular exercise, develop a positive attitude and have a diet program that builds your immune system.

Written By John Probandt