WOODLAND HILLS—The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control announced on Thursday, August 29 that a coyote was killed with a bow and multiple arrows.

It was reported that the incident took place on Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Topanga Summit Motorway in the Woodland Hills region. It was previously reported that multiple coyotes were killed with a bow and arrow in past months. It has been confirmed by Animal Care and Control that only one coyote was killed.

According to the L.A. Animal Services website, killing coyotes may create a bigger problem. If the population is reduced, the remaining coyotes will have a better food source and will produce stronger litters. L.A. Animal Services holds wildlife workshops designed to help the public learn how to co-exist with wildlife.

Coyotes have the same status as “non-game” animals in the state of California. It is not illegal to kill coyotes at any time of the year. Hunters do require a hunting license to kill coyotes and must use legal hunting methods. Restrictions include individuals not being able to utilize poison to kill a coyote or capture them with a leg trap.

If there is an aggressive coyote in the neighborhood contact the California Fish & Wildlife directly at: https://apps.wildlife.ca.gov/wir. C.A. Fish & Wildlife will not kill a coyote.

Canyon News reached out to L.A. County Animal Care and Control for more information, but could not be reached before print.

Officials are not certain who is responsible for the coyotes death. Anyone with information on death of the coyote is asked to contact the L.A. County Animal Care and Control at (818) 991-0071. Any suspicious or criminal activity should be reported to the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station (818) 878-1808.