HOLLYWOOD—It looks like “General Hospital” is setting the stage for an epic murder mystery or the ultimate take down of Nelle Benson. As an avid soap fan, it’s always a sign that a character is on their way out if they continue to add enemies to the list. Michael knows Nelle played a role in having her mother committed to Ferncliff and he has selected to set a trap to catch the woman carrying his baby to be. For starters, he proposed marriage to Nelle who was just gleaming butterflies as she threw the news in the face of all her haters. Once of those haters included Carly. The fact that Nelle paid a visit to Carly in Ferncliff shouts wonders in my opinion, but Carly did not let her enemy get the best of her, which rattled Nelle to say the least.

However, Nelle has a bigger threat headed her way: Detective Harrison Chase. Chase is hell-bent on making Nelle pay for tanking his career as a detective and for getting away with perhaps murdering her first husband, Zach. Chase’s plan is crazy, but it would perhaps blindside Nelle in a way she never expected. Chase wants to fake Michael’s death, but keep everyone in his family out of the loop. It is a VERY RISKY plan, not to mention that only Michael, Jordan, Jason and Chase would know that Michael is indeed very much alive and kicking.

With Nelle pushing for her and Michael to marry ASAP, it means this plan might kick-off much sooner than expected, but the notion of a pre-nuptial agreement threw Nelle for a loop. She didn’t expect that and her true motive came to light. Chase put on the charm big time and Nelle fell for it, which means he has her precisely where he wants her. Ava practically threated her frenemy about the leverage she has on her with that baby blanket, but Ava has other concerns. Scott learned that Kiki and Griffin had sex and was ready to drop a bomb on his pal, who really wanted to dismiss the theory that has been floating in her head for weeks.

This news is gargantuan because Dr. Bensch is likely to use it against Kiki as their case heads to trail. Griffin does not want to lie on the stand, just as Kiki is afraid her mother will lash out in ways that she never expected. Ava this plan of yours is going to blow up in your face. Is it neat that you decided to utilize Scott to take Bensch’s case to tank it?

Yes, but even Scott who is dirty as they come as an attorney, he has a few standards, and this newfound information is going to come out and blindside Ava in a way she never expected. The big question I want to know is just how Ms. Jerome ill respond to learning her daughter slept with her boyfriend. I mean its karma because Ava did it not once, but several times to Kiki with Morgan. This game of love charades involving Julian, Drew and Kim is an utter bore and should no longer be a focus on the soap if you ask me.

It does seem like the walls are starting to close in on Liesl and Nina in regards to Peter’s captivity. Sam and Curtis, are on the case, but to be private investigator’s they sure as hell aren’t gathering much detail. Usher in Wyatt, the Boy Scout, who FINALLY realized that Peter is indeed being held captive and is in major danger. Wyatt informed Franco that Peter is being held captive inside a cabin, and when Finn spotted Obrecht at the hospital he flipped, just as Wyatt pointed her out. The tot shared his tale with Finn and Franco who managed to locate Peter’s whereabouts, but he was nowhere to be found.

Why? Nina’s compassion led to hiding Peter at the stables of Wyndemere, too bad Valentin might be onto her trail. Liesl is ruthless, but it appears Peter might finally get justice, but at what cost. This takedown of Nelle is turning into a fascinating watch. I cannot wait to see how the schemer meets her fate or is duped, it should be fun “General Hospital” fans.