STUDIO CITY—The intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon was packed with utility crews throughout the day after a water main break created a sinkhole on Saturday, August 8.  The break also caused some flooding on the street.

The ruptured pipe is said to be 30-inches in diameter and ran along the 12900 block of Ventura Boulevard. The break was first reported at approximately 7:22 p.m. on Saturday, but crews have been working daily to repair the damage. Work is not expected to finish until Thursday.

The incident had little to no effect on traffic or businesses in the area. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) revealed that its customers have also not been affected.

As for the sinkhole, there were no reports of any vehicle damage or injuries.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spokesperson Charles Sparks commented to KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO that, unlike similar incidents of water main breaks the city has seen recently, this break is not attributed to an outdated pipe.

The pipe along Ventura is in fact only 15 years old, a relatively young age for the pipe to see such a break.

Authorities are hopeful in quickly finding the exact source of the break and address it.

“It just happened to separate in one spot and we haven’t been able to pull it apart and see exactly what’s wrong with it yet,” Sparks told KNX 1070.

An estimate for the damages caused by the break and the flooding has also not been established.

An estimate as to how much water was lost from the break has not been determined. Reports indicate that as of Monday, no more water was being pumped through the pipe. No word yet on when the pipe will resume operation.