SANTA MONICA—On, Tuesday, February 5, the Santa Monica Police Department arrested several people responsible for their role in stealing a car. The SMPD indicated on their Facebook page during a “rainy day in Santa Monica. SMPD’s Mounted Patrol is out near the Colorado Ave Esplanade.”

Four of the Department’s officers, Laredo, George, Sammy, Duke and their human partners spotted three individuals sitting on wooden boxes along the path. A 4-door, older Mercedes pulled up near the red curb honking its horn and the three individuals hopped into the car.

Officers made a call to dispatch to run the license plate and discovered that the car was stolen from the city of Pasadena – Public Agency. Authorities demanded for the suspects to “Halt!!! Halt!!!”, which the suspects failed to comply. The stolen vehicle continued to flee, but officers were able to stop the vehicle and take all four individuals into custody.

“New deployment…old school strategy…a solid arrest. Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground. Listen for the trot that let’s you know the Mounted Unit is out and positively impacting crime in Santa Monica,” posted the SMPD on their Facebook page.

There were no reports of any injuries during the incident. The names of the suspects have not yet been disclosed to the public.