KEY WEST—Andrew Toles, the current outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was arrested for trespassing on June 22 after being found sleeping behind an airport in Key West, Florida.

When he was discovered by police deputies, sleeping behind a Federal Express building, which is located near the airport, they told him to leave the area. After refusing police orders, he was arrested, and held in the Stock Island Detention Center on $500 bond. The only item he had on his person was a black book bag.

It’s unclear where Mr. Toles currently resides, or if he has a home address, but after being arrested, police listed his current address as the “streets of Key West,” which could suggest that he doesn’t have a residence to live in, at this time.

Since getting arrested early last week, he is being kept in the same detention center, which would most likely lead up to his arraignment on July 2, where he will plead on a misdemeanor charge.

Apparently, Toles, who is 28-years old, and technically still on the Dodgers roster (but kept on the restricted list), has gone through mental health issues for several years now, dating back to his time with the Tampa Bay Rays, who originally drafted him in 2012.

During the off-season in 2015, leading up to 2016, at the insistence of his mother, he took a job working in the frozen foods section at a Kroger grocery store in Peachtree City, Georgia, where he worked early shifts, and made $7.50 an hour.

While the team has yet to comment on Toles’ situation, one of his former teammates, Jerry Hairston, Jr. informed fans via Twitter “people that can help Tolesy have been made aware and will do their best to help.” Several Dodger fans have also commented on the matter, begging the team to lend some assistance, as well.

The Georgia-native spent the entirety of the 2019 season on the restricted list, including spring training, citing “personal issues,” and hasn’t played for the team ever since. He spent most of last season playing for the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate in Oklahoma City, where he hit .306 with an .807 OPS.