HELLO AMERICA!—There are several film writers concentrating on every movement being made concerning WHITE HOUSE activity and everybody associated with it. The recent news reports show ex presidential appointments who have been spending time behind prison bars being marched off to other correctional locations. Then, of course, it seems that we get another female exposing the president’s sexual move on her 20 or 30 years ago with his dramatic denial of even having an interest with the declaration that “she” would never be his type! The drama continues with more action and denials than any soap opera on daytime TV.

Then, of course, there is the MUELLER REPORT, which is a very incriminating document which discloses the president on the most disturbing, embarrassing level of leadership conduct. The “impeachment” move still lingers high in political circles. Then too, there is an intense concern why so many people appear to be indifferent to much of the scandalous moves and outrageous pronouncements, as well as a kind of indifference from those who have always appeared to be so religiously devoted to the “right” side of our acclaimed democracy.

Mitch O’Connell is the man who would have had a high position in any fascist government around the globe. He has made it clear that any bill crossing his desk which represents the Democrats will receive a negative reaction especially if it is something that Trump would dismiss.

Filmmaker, Christopher Devon Cavalier who is developing a miniseries based on the current political battle in our nation insists that all the social division, religious revelations concerning priests and sex, intense Russian impact on elections and generally American life and the obvious new face which the White House is continually exposing to the entire world will be highlighted in his film.

“It’s almost like we have lost the true backbone of what and who our country really is,” Cavalier contends. “People are openly making it known they wouldn’t hesitate to use their guns to protect themselves, Afro Americans are up in arms concerning they would do anything to make sure their votes are counted, millions of women are on the march raising concerns about their “abortion” rights, and it is universally recognized that the president will attempt to destroy anything that the former president OBAMA was able to create, especially health for all American.”

Cavalier contends that a miniseries will not only be explosive, but filled with anything and everything which makes any film or series above average to view. “It will allow people to witness a close-up view of the political challenges, especially those who spend each hour of the day attempting to maintain power. “It will be a learning experience, that’s for sure!” he strongly contends.