HOLLYWOOD—A secret has been divulged and let me say it is a big one on “General Hospital.” How so? Cyrus Renault overheard a conversation between Michael and Nina about her role in reporting Carly and Drew to the SEC. Things were made even worse when Nina confessed it all to Cyrus while in church! The fact that Cyrus told Nina to confess the truth is a sign he might be turning a new leaf.

Yes, Cyrus has some major intel, but what he plans to do with it, I have no idea, but I expect he plans to use it against Michael and Nina to stick it to Sonny. This doesn’t really hurt Sonny initially because he’s not tied to anything that can hurt him business wise, but on an emotional level that is something else people. Nina’s situation is only worse because Ned is pressuring her to give him something on Aurora or he plans to squeal. I cannot believe Ned is willing to take the fall for Nina’s tip leak to ensure he gets a business edge.

It makes absolutely no sense because is Ned that threatened by Drew and Michael’s burgeoning business relationship? Ned could easily take back the reigns of the Quartermaine family business if he wanted, he just needs to get Tracy’s blessing in the process. Nina did come to Carly to attempt to spill the truth, and ask for forgiveness, but Carly being Carly refused to budge on things.

In other Port Charles news, Aiden came out to Elizabeth in a beautiful moment for the small screen. I feel like the writers could be doing so much more with Elizabeth and her children, but the focus at the moment seems to be all on her relationship with Finn, which is just such a slow burn there is not much excitement there, I’m sorry it just isn’t. If you think the case involving Pikeman, the WSB, Anna Devane, Agent Brennan and Jameson Forsythe, something is odd here. Brennan has been exposed and arrested, but that conversation he hinted to Anna seemed to indicate there is plenty of more to come, which Anna sensed.

Esme, yes, after more than a year or longer of losing her memory, it came back while she was decorating a tree with Ace. Yes, the old Esme is back, but is she about to return to her conniving ways. Spencer and Trina are hoping she has turned over a new leaf, but Esme broke into Wyndemere, which alarmed Ava, Sonny, Laura and Dante. Ava thinks it is the person sending her those threats. We all know that person is not Esme, hell we have no clue who is threatening Ava at the moment, but I suspect Nikolas. With that said, Esme dropped a glove while at Wyndemere that Dante has it in his possession as evidence. Laura pointed out it was a women’s glove so we shall see how this plays out.

Is Esme about to stick it to Spencer and Trina in a way they never see coming? What about Nikolas and Elizabeth who held her hostage? What are her plans for Ava people? I’m glad to see the wicked Esme back because she is such a fun villainess you love to hate.