FULTON COUNTY, GEORGIA—On February 20, the Fulton County Board of Ethics in Fulton County, Georgia published a notice of a meeting with the ethics complaints against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis included under the topic of New Business. More information may be found on the Fulton County Board of Ethics webpage. The verbiage on the meeting minutes announcement indicates that Willis had two ethics complaints filed against her.

The attorney for former White House aide, Michael Roman, one of the co-defendants in the Fulton County election interference case against former President Donald J. Trump has filed an ethics complaint against the D.A. Fani Willis, who stands accused of having a romantic relationship with the lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade and has been, “profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers.”

Bank records indicate that the twosome had purchased plane tickets together from Miami to San Francisco. Willis, who admitted to being romantically involved with the prosecutor in the case denies a mingling of funds reportedly saying that she and Wade split the costs.

Reports indicate that Wade has been paid $728,000 for his work as a prosecutor alleging an attempt to change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. In his motion, Roman requests that D.A. Fani Willis be disqualified.

Steven Kramer also asks the Ethics Committee to look into erroneous spending on dates and travel. Kramer cited time spent away from work together when Wade reportedly had a backlog of cases.

In his detailed complaint, Kramer requested the board to look into the subpoena of Senator Lindsay Graham suggesting Willis may have used that subpoena for other purposes such as asking the U.S. Senator for campaign donations.

Kramer asked the board to look into $488,000 earmarked for the Center for Youth Empowerment and Gang Preventions to see if funds were diverted and spent on her MacBook, swag, and travel.

New reports indicate that both Wade and Willis had previously testified that they were not romantically involved until recently.  Nathan Wade requested the courts block the testimony of a former attorney who handled his divorce.  The motion was denied.

Witness testimony from a friend of Willis, and the attorney acquaintance of Wade indicate that Wade and Willis were having an inappropriate relationship with one another before Wade’s divorce was final.  The Wades were separated when Wade and Willis were seen kissing and being overly affectionate with one another.  

Reports indicate that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade were in a romantic relationship in November of 2021 which would indicate that Wade was still legally married, and Willis had assumed the position of Fulton County District Attorney.

Cell phone analysis that revealed details including the location of the cell phones then used by Wade and Willis between April and November 2021.  The location was Hapeville, Georgia. In 2021, Wade was reportedly subleasing a condominium from a friend in the area.

Fani Willis took office as the Fulton County District Attorney on January 1, 2021, becoming the first woman to serve in her position in the state of Georgia.