WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against actors Kevin Spacey, Kevin Segal and Anthony Anderson. All three were among many in Hollywood who were facing sexual assault allegations during the height of the #MeToo movement.

Spacey, 58, and Segal, 66, will not face criminal charges for allegations of incidents that happened in the 90s because they fall beyond the statue of limitations. Prosecutors declined to charge Spacey for an October 1992 incident, noting that the date of the incident was beyond the period in which a charge could be filed. The allegation against Spacey was made by a man, regarding an incident that allegedly took place in the city of West Hollywood.

Spacey’s reps have denied requests for comment, and have not released any public statements regarding the case or the LADA’s Office decision. The Beverly Hills Police Department investigated Segal last year after a woman reported that he raped her on January 1, 1993. Prosecutors declined the case against Segal, because the statue of limits expired.

Prosecutors announced that they declined to charge Anderson, 48, of the hit ABC series “black-ish,” citing insufficient evidence. According to the Los Angeles Times, a woman reported being raped and sexually abused by Anderson earlier this year. Anderson said that he “unequivocally disputes the claim,” and his representative indicated in a public statement that the authorities have not contacted him about the allegation.

California legislators enacted a law two years ago that eliminated the previous standing 10-year statue of limitations for rape, but crimes that transpired before 2016 were not included in the law.

Spacey won two Oscars during his career: one for Best Supporting Actor in “The Usual Suspects” and Best Actor for “American Beauty.” He recently starred in the Netflix series “House of Cards,” which dropped the actor from the series after the sexual assault allegations arose. The actor has been accused of sexual assault by at least 15 men, with allegations that span over decades.

Anthony Rapp made the first public allegation against Spacey. Rapp noted that in 1986, when he was only 14, Spacey sexually intimidated him in a hotel room. After Rapp came forward, Spacey issued a public statement in which he said he didn’t remember the incident, but that he was sorry for “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”