HOLLYWOOD—It looks like Adam Newman is once again embracing his dark side, or shall I say wicked side on “The Young and the Restless” America. He has noted so many times in the past that he was done with the Newman family, but with Chelsea leaving her one true love, Adam wanting to change his last name to Wilson, and him drinking out of misery, something tells me Adam has cooked up something his loved ones will NOT see coming from a million miles away.

Nick and Victoria are concerned about their brother’s change of heart, and Victor seemed peeved to hear that one of his children does not want to be blessed with the Newman last name. Adam has always been an enigma and when you have NO IDEA what he is up to what is worst because it leaves one on edge. So what does Adam have cooked up this time around: REVENGE! It looks like anyone who has scorned the black sheep of the Newman clan, will pay dearly for their betrayal.

I was so bummed when “The Bold and the Beautiful” just wrote off Courtney Hope aka Sally Spectra without giving her a fitting storyline, but one soap’s lost is another’ soap gain, as “The Young and the Restless” has scooped up the actress and the character. That’s right America Sally Spectra arrived in Genoa City this week and instantly bonded with Lauren Fenmore of all people. I say this is interesting because we haven’t seen Lauren in a bit, so it gives the character a much needed storyline, and on top of that, it begs the most important question of all, which guy will fall for Sally? Looks like its Theo, as the two were acquainted while they lived in New York.

Dina’s memorial brought sad memories and anger amongst the Abbott clan. Kyle and Theo are still at war with one another, Traci and Ashley are reminiscing about the good times with their mother, and Jack is indeed struggling with the loss of his mother. With that said, Summer and Kyle are still at war with one another over where their relationship stands.

I mean if the writers did this whole love affair with Kyle and Lola, for them to get married, breakup and to get back together, I will be a bit peeved to say the least soap fans. I was annoyed seeing Kyle storm out of his grandmother’s memorial because his cousin decided to honor his grandmother, who he just met not too long ago with music.Could Theo have an ulterior motive? It’s likely, but this is not the time to squabble, you guys should be bonding as family.

Elena is still reeling from Devon giving her the boot after sleeping with Nate, she at least has Lola as a pal. She seems to think her battle to retain Devon’s heart will be easy, but it’s looking like it will be harder to make it happen than possible. Lily was upset with Nate over his role in sleeping with Elena, just as she got advice from Victoria to steer clear of Billy.

I NOTED this months ago when Lily first arrived on the scene that the writers seemed to be pushing her in Billy’s direction and a potential relationship was in the works. Well America, I was right. Let’s see how this turns out.

Back to Adam, he seems to have something major planned for Newman Enterprises based on that blueprint Chelsea found on his computer. It scared her, but not more than her being kidnapped by a masked man leaving Chloe worried about her bestie. So is Adam behind Chelsea’s kidnapping and what was the reason for it? He’s crossed to the dark side fully now if so and that means he’s a man who has nothing to lose.