HOLLYWOOD—So if you thought that the danger of Sheila Carter was over on “The Bold and the Beautiful” you would be wrong America. This fake mask that Sheila is wearing is horrendous. If people cannot look at that mask and see that it is Sheila Carter, then they are just stupid. Sheila is just as obsessed now more than ever to bond and reunite with Finn and Hayes.

Remember people, Sheila shot and killed her son, but Li miraculously brought him back to life. She also shot and nearly killed Steffy, Finn’s wife. The fact that Sheila really thinks in her mind that she could repair this bond is behind crazy; talk about unhinged, she is more dangerous now than ever before. Deacon has done his best to warn Sheila to stay clear of Finn and Hayes, but nope that is not stopping her.

Making matters worse is the fact that Deacon is harboring a fugitive that everyone thinks is dead. There is no way he can think this is going to turn out okay for him. If Ridge, Taylor, Hope or Brooke discover or when they discover what Deacon has been up to he is DONE people. I guess if Sheila continues to keep his bed warm he will turn the other eye which is baffling.

Sheila decided to visit the beach house to see Finn and Hayes. When Finn took a phone call, Sheila held her grandson in her arms after sneaking into the house via a sliding door. Finn had no idea, but he suspected something after realizing the sliding door he was certain he closed was open and a breeze entered the home. Yes Finn be scared be very scared because my suspicion tells me your son is about to be kidnapped by his grandmother, before an all-out war ignites that ultimately ends Sheila Carter’s reign of terror once and for all.

In other Los Angeles news, Zende is back in the picture and is schmoozing Paris, who might become a model and Forrester Creations. Yes, Paris this is the guy you should have been paired with to begin with. I like this pairing and it gives Paris and Zende some sort of storyline America. That’s like Carter, Quinn is no longer in the picture as Rena Sofer has vacated the role, so unless they plan to recast (and I don’t think it’s likely) I can see this character exiting the canvas soon.

A custody battle is brewing between Thomas and Hope. Thomas wants to spend more time with his son Douglas and rightfully so. However, people keep forgetting the dangerous things Thomas have done. His obsession with Hope, keeping Beth a secret, running Emma off the road, I wouldn’t want any child in the possession of a parent with such issues. Ridge knows about Emma, but has stayed tight lipped, just like him and Taylor keeping mum that Thomas knew about Sheila swapping the champagne bottles on New Year’s Eve resulting in Brooke getting drunk.

Thomas has reached out to Carter to make an even bigger move for custody and something tells me that Thomas’ little secret involving Sheila will come to light which will leave Brooke and Hope livid and concerned Thomas is up to his old ways yet again. I mean Liam already suspects it as well and has called out his foe on those antics. Could Thomas be obsessed with Hope yet again? I hope not, but I do suspect it might be happening yet again and that is concerning people. It was nice to see Katie Logan back on the screen this week, but now is the time to give this woman a story. She hasn’t had one in what feels like 2 years and its bonkers. There is so much the writers can do with Katie Logan and it is long overdue people.