HELLO AMERICA!—The motion picture industry as well the Cable networks are seriously looking for different but challenging stories to produce for the world to see. Of course thousands of young, hungry writers who are laboring in some of the most noted colleges and universities are trying to show what they can do.

Daniel Berghoff, a writer, producer is out of school but has come up with a story that appears to meet all the necessary points of being a marketing winner. His screen offering is “The Nostradamus Mission.”

His script is a personal look at the actual life of Nostradamus; his son Caesar reveals that a French modern day scientist is his direct descendant seed, with the power to bring closure to the Nostradamus legacy while saving the world from destruction.

Berghoff continues to explain that mysterious French astrologer with amazing mental powers sets out on a mission to complete the legacy of his ancestor Nostradamus after discovering letters and periodicals saved for him by Caesar, the son of Nostradamus.

During his adventure he uncovers the secrets and truths behind the Nostradamus prophecies and their meanings, and sets out to put them in a book to expose them and their purpose to help in his upcoming battle against two powerful elite rival secret societies that are planning World War III to instigate their plan to conquer the world.

As the story progresses, the mentally gifted descendant befriends a unique psychic, a beautiful college student sought out by assassins, and a private eye who happens to be a dead eye marksman. Together they battle powerful evil men to save mankind from earth’s destruction. As one Nostradamus revelation after another is scrutinized, and other human historical mysteries exposed at a frenzied pace, pieces of the puzzle to human evolution come together for a final truth that may overcome our own human mortality.

Since we are so obsessed with outer space adventures and anything having to do with psychic existence, another focus on the likes of Nostradamus would fit in perfectly. I would say the timing is right. In Hollywood this is something quite necessary to attract attention of those who make things happen. Already, I her that the William Kerwin Agency is taking a serious look at the Nostradamus Mission. Let’s face, Hollywood makes magic whenever the lights are turned on. And that’s why we love it so much!