BEVERLY HILLS—Detectives from the Beverly Hills Police Department revealed that they arrested an individual in connection to a False Report of an Emergency that was made on Thursday, February 22. Investigators identified the suspect and executed a search warrant at his Beverly Hills residence, where David Pearce, 36, was taken into custody. He is scheduled to appear at the Airport Courthouse on April 20, 2018.

According to Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese of the BHPD, authorities responded to a report of an emergency at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, 9882 S. Santa Monica Blvd. Shortly after 6:00 a.m., Pearce called 9-1-1 and told police he was inside a hotel room being held against his will. After receiving the call, authorities lost communication with the alleged victim. Officers responded to the scene and activated Special Weapons and Tactics personnel, crisis negotiators and investigators based on the information provided by the caller.

The preliminary investigation determined that the information provided by the 9-1-1 caller was baseless. Pearce was not being held against his will and there were no armed suspects inside the hotel.

The BHPD would like to remind the public that phoning in a false emergency is a crime – a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances – and the Beverly Hills Police Department takes these matters seriously. False reporting of emergencies potentially jeopardizes public safety, cause unnecessary alarm and misuse police and fire resources.