HOLLYWOOD—Just when I suspect the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” couldn’t get any more captivating, the writers pull out all the stunts for February sweeps with a shocking moment that frankly I didn’t’ see coming from miles away.

Audiences were well aware Chase was unstable after the death of his father Aiden who tried to murder Hope. He seemed distant and looking to punish someone for what he considered the ultimate betrayal. I pegged weeks ago that he was the bully who was secretly sending nasty threats to Ciara’s buddy. When she learned about his bullying, it shocked her, yet she didn’t really distant herself from her step-brother whose wicked ways aren’t that much of a stretch from his father.

Well, with a mentor like Andre DiMera, audiences expected Chase to be moving down a dangerous path. First, Hope’s home catches fire, than with a bit of ‘guidance’ from Andre, Chase made his move on Ciara which led to the teen raping the daughter of Bo and Hope! It was a shocking moment to say the least, and it will be interesting to see how this dynamic unfolds. Ciara at the moment has kept the news to herself, but Hope is already noticing her daughter acting strangely, as is Theo.

I mean this kid has dealt with a lot in the past few months so this can easily push her over the edge. What’s worse, this can cause Hope to snap in ways we never expected. She was nearly killed, her one true love returned to die only weeks later, her daughter was kidnapped, she shot and killed Stefano DiMera and has been on countless edge about going to jail, and even started a semi-romance with Rafe. Were you able to take all that in? Chase is now on the run, guilt has taken over his body and it is only time before the bombshell is unleashed.

Well, there is plenty more happening in the town of Salem. Deimos continues his pursuit to take down his big bro Victor who did him dirty in the past. His plans have hit a slight snag because Phillip is caught in the middle between the war with his father and his uncle. Thank God, he has Belle to lean on? All is not blissful for Belle who is grappling with her antsy daughter Claire, the return of Shawn who is willing to give his marriage another shot, but is being wooed by Lani also.

We can’t forget the impending love triangle involving Ava, Steve and Kayla. With Steve cheating on Kayla, and Ava taunting her nemesis relentlessly, it was only time before a bloodbath emerged. Ava has wound up Steve, Kayla and Joey, so it’s no surprise this week that she met an unfortunate demise. The big question is who committed the deed from the Johnson clan? Maybe it was neither of them, perhaps someone else?

Perhaps the latest mystery that has hooked my attention is the introduction of the new character Summer, someone from Daniel’s past who holds many secrets. Yes, Brady hasn’t been himself since the car crash and receiving his pal Daniel’s heart. His connection to Nicole has resurfaced, and seeing the mystery of Summer’s connection to Daniel unfold is proving very interesting for the viewers. I pegged this in my mind and Summer confirmed it by sharing to Brady that Daniel suspected she was his sister.

This news does not bold well for Theresa whose eyes are green with envy. I do indeed see a love triangle brewing and if Summer is indeed Maggie’s long lost daughter its welcome news for the matriarch who has been in a dark place. Brady wants Summer to come back to Salem, but I don’t think she’ll be coming alone, I suspect Dario, Rafe and Gabi’s brother will be returning as well, let the Hernandez family reunion begin. “Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays at 1 p.m.