HOLLYWOOD—The Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out on Sunday, April 29 from the famed Pasadena Civic Auditorium and will be streamed online yet again. It totally sucks that this awards show which used to be televised on national TV is no longer getting the respect it deserves. However, with that being said it’s time to predict who will be the big winners at the upcoming ceremony in the acting races. This year is quite tough because I think it’s an open field in terms of competition, with all the contenders deserving of the prize, so the focus here is on those who are really solid in my opinion on taking the prize.

Let’s start our discussion by talking about the Lead Actor race where I think the older gentlemen have the momentum going into the ceremony. I was all over Peter Bergman taking the prize for his work on “The Young and the Restless,” but that was until I watched the reels from John McCook “The Bold and the Beautiful” and James Reynolds “Days of Our Lives.” McCook was sensational this past year on “B&B” and those scenes watching him confront Ridge and Quinn about their betrayal was sensational. There is one problem: James Reynolds. His reels reacting to the news that Theo was shot and on his deathbed just tugs at the heart. There is a level of range that I feel the other candidates lack, not to mention the emotional levity of the soap tackling a storyline that is so relevant in American culture right now has to have some weight. I would love to see McCook take the prize, but I think Reynolds is walking away with that prize and rightfully so.

On to Lead Actress, this is a race where I honestly think this is a two-way battle between the ladies of “General Hospital:” Laura Wright and Maura West. Wright, who I love as an actress delivers some riveting scenes confronting Sonny about sleeping with Nelle and coming to the realization that her best friend, the one she thought was already in town, had been locked away in a mental clinic for years. The problem is West is fantastic in that epic confrontation between Carly and Sonny about her role in Morgan’s death. I mean the rage, the sadness, anger, and guilt resonates from West who is superb. There is a reason this woman has won this prize so many times before, but her latest work proves she is a testament in the acting arena. I can’t see how West doesn’t claim this prize and if she doesn’t I’ll be shocked because she is a sensational actress.

Now, here is the toughest race of them all: Supporting Actress. Everyone and I mean all the ladies in this race are deserving of the accolade and if any won I would not be surprised. However, this is a race where the accolade has to go to Marla Adams who has been sensational on “The Young and the Restless.” She delivers nuance, but a level of sincerity with her performance that just pops and makes the heart shatter a bit more each time you watch her on the screen. If she has any competition it will be her co-star Camryn Grimes who could be a sleeper, but Adams not winning would probably be the one upset that I don’t think anyone could justify.

Supporting Actor is a category where I feel, the performances were not as strong as a soap fan would hope. I mean this is a two-person race between Chandler Massey “Days of Our Lives” and Anthony Montgomery “General Hospital.” Massey’s return to the soap as Will Horton brought a level of burst to the soap, but his scenes don’t punch you in the gut the same way Montgomery does when he confesses that his wife had Alzheimer’s. You feel for him and you can see the emotional range in the character. Its powerful stuff America, but place your bets on Montgomery, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Massey won.

In the Younger Actor race, there is no discussion here, hands down Casey Moss deserves the Emmy, and if he doesn’t win it will be the largest upset in years. I mean those scenes were grand in nature and some of the best acting scenes from younger talent in the past 2-3 years. For the Younger Actress race I’m not so sure on things, but I do believe it’s a battle between Reign Edwards “The Bold and the Beautiful” and Hayley Erin “General Hospital.” Erin’s scenes are powerful, but the one thing they lack is the emotional range that Edwards delivers with hers. They are riveting to watch and you don’t want to take your eyes away from the screen. Edwards deserves the prize after being overlooked last year, so I’m crossing my fingers for a win for her.

Now if we really had to predict the winner for Outstanding Drama Series, any of the four soaps could win, but it all depends on what episodes were submitted to be judged. I mean “Days of Our Lives” submitted perfect episodes with the Theo shooting that are just tense, edge of your seat and full of gripping moments and utterly powerful acting from a bevy of characters. The fact that it has social relevance strengthens the argument for the win that much more as well.

If you reflect on what “General Hospital” could submit, my fingers would be crossed for the big confrontation between Ava, Carly and Sonny during the Nurses Ball, but my gut tells me they are going to submit episodes of Jason Morgan’s return to Port Charles and his family learning about his existence. “The Young and the Restless” have had plenty of stunning moments in the past year, and if they really want to shake things it would be wise to submit episodes pertaining to Dina Mergeron, but I’m not certain the soap will do so.

And then we have “The Bold and the Beautiful” which I think should win the prize. This soap has been incredible this year, with the return of Sheila Carter, the Bill vs. Liam storyline, the return of Hope, the list goes on and on. If they were smart the episodes submitted should involve the big secret of Bill and Steffy tryst being learned by Liam. Oh, that was terrific edge-of-your seat TV. So I really want this to be a race between “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and I believe “B&B” delivers the prize, but wouldn’t it be great to hear “Days” announced as the big winner? Those are my picks, share your thoughts if you agree!