MALIBU—On Thursday, May 21, the city of Malibu reminded residents that the deadline to apply for Woolsey Fire rebuild fee waivers would be June 30, 2020.

The rebuild fee waiver would waive rebuilding fees for property owners whose homes were affected by the Woolsey Fire.

Specific fees that would be waived include building safety, environmental health, planning, geotechnical review, biology, public works and permitting, for eligible property owners planning to rebuild.

To be eligible for the rebuild fee waiver, your home would have to have been destroyed or damaged by the Woolsey Fire, and it would have to have been the homeowner’s primary residence as of November 8, 2018.

Mayor Karen Farrer expressed her gratitude for the city in a press release:

“I am very proud that the City’s finances were in such a strong position that even after the devastating Woolsey Fire, the City Council was able to waive permit fees to help residents rebuild as quickly as possible,” Farrer said. “I urge all homeowners who are rebuilding to be aware of the fee waiver deadlines, and to contact the City Rebuild Team if they need any help.”

The City’s website says to visit the City’s Rebuild Help Desk to discuss your project, or to call 310-456-2483, ext. 385 to schedule an appointment.