CYPRESS – On March 29, the DeafNews Expo will be held in Cypress, California from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. According to their website, the DeafNews Expo is mean to “provide positive news, deaf information, ASL social, ASL events and business.”


The event hopes to spread word of new technology, crafts and arts for the “Silent World.” Anyone is allowed to come, whether they are deaf, hard of hearing, can interpret sign language or not, sharing information is the purpose of the event. The event will have various games, arts and crafts and performance to keep attendees energized throughout the day long event.


Tickets cost $5 – $10; those that purchased the $5 ticket will be given two tickets, which will enter them to be eligible to win two kinds of prizes; a tablet or a power bank. Those that purchase the $10 ticket will be eligible to win four kinds of prizes: two shots at getting a tablet, a power bank, or a digital camera.

To attend the event, tickets can be purchased through DeafNews Expo’s website: or by contacting Ticket Seller Israel Villagomez either by video phone at: 909-333-4469 or text at: 650- 201- 3696. Tickets can also be purchased by mail by printing and filling out the ticket form at: and sending it, along with a money order for the desired amount of tickets, to: DeafNews Expo, P.O. Box 300, North Long Beach Blvd #595, Long Beach, California 90801 by March  20.


The event will be located on 5700 Orange Avenue Cypress California 90630.