UNITED STATES—So after months, and I mean months of a major delay, members of Congress, those in the Senate and the House have reached a deal on another stimulus package in efforts to help the economy. Yes. Some might argue it’s too little too late, but in my personal opinion it is better late than never. The deal which has not been voted for approval as of Monday, December 21, 2020 will cost over $2.3 trillion, but it is welcome news for Americans. Why?

As part of the deal a majority of Americans who earn under $75,000 will see direct payments of up to $600 that is expected to be sent out in the coming weeks. Is it the $1200 that most people saw months ago? No, but to be honest any extra income that was NOT expected is better than no income at all America. I mean I can only recall 2 times as long as long as I have lived that I received money from the government that did not come in the form of a tax refund: 2008 and 2020. So that tells you it’s a rarity so take it while you can.

On top of that, the best news I have heard is that the under the new bill unemployment benefits will be extended for another 11 weeks where people will see an additional $300 a week. That is well needed. There are so many people I know who are unemployed. It really baffles me to see so many businesses be forced to shutter their doors and people out of work, having no idea how they are going to place food on the table and pay the bills. This especially holds true for individuals in the restaurant industry.

Waiters and waitresses have been laid off with the fact that so many states have prohibited indoor and outdoor dining. These individuals have been struck super hard during this pandemic and right now more than ever because of the impending holidays. Its welcome money and I know some people might be saying oh, this is the worst thing ever. Flip the reality before you say that because if you were placed in this predicament, you might not have that sentiment. People need assistance when it comes to employment and income right now with so many industries shuttered. So please stop with the judgement for once.

On top of that a massive amount of the bill is geared to the Paycheck Protection Plan that will help small businesses who seriously are on the brink of closing their doors have an opportunity to get loans that can be forgiven to keep the doors open. Those funds are to the tune of $248 billion with more guidelines in place with money being earmarked for minority-owned businesses and industries that have been struck hard by the pandemic.

There is also rental assistance that will help with paying rent that may be owed and utility payment as well, and the eviction moratorium has been extended until January 31, 2021. Increased funds are also available via SNAP for food assistance for Americans to the tune of $13 billion. If the pandemic has taught us anything, I hope that it’s the fact that if we work together regardless of your political, religious or other differences that we have, we can accomplish a LOT OF things. Hearing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell state that members of Congress were NOT leaving Washington D.C. until a deal was made convinced me a deal was going to be bartered.

Yes, Republicans had to give a little and give up on some things, the same applied to Democrats. You cannot always get what you want, but when it comes to negotiation, deals can always be hammered out. Now, the last thing on the list is for members of Congress to vote on the bill, have the President of the United States sign off on it and then get these funds out there to the appropriate parties. It’s not what everyone expected, but it is BETTER to have something than to have nothing at all Americans, in a year where such chaos and unpredictability has transpired, it is nice to know some potential relief could be on the way.

Written By Jason Jones