HOLLYWOOD—Who would have known Ava Jerome’s initial attack on “General Hospital” would be the kickoff to a murder mystery. Brando Corbin is dead after he was injected with poison after being stabbed with a hook that was very well meant for Josslyn. Yes, I think that is a crucial point that has to be highlighted: the killer purposely ensured poison was injected in that hook to ensure WHOEVER they targeted did not survive like Ava. Could the culprit be someone who has an expertise in the medical arena? It is indeed possible, but I can’t see any of the doctors currently on the show as the big bad, it might be someone unhinged who is behind the danger.

Sasha, Gladys, Nina and Sonny were devastated by Brando’s untimely demise, especially after he woke up and was speaking. All seemed fine until it didn’t and this is a devastating blow for Sasha who has literally spiraled people. I mean she lost her son and her husband both in the same year. That is a brutal gut punch that is hard to navigate and put into words. Her grief is unspeakable for many to understand and if she were to relapse I would totally understand it.

I’m really trying to figure out who this culprit is and I will be honest this could be anyone. At first I was certain it was Esme Prince, but the targets have primarily been people close to Sonny Corinthos. Esme and Sonny had bad blood, but not enough where she would specifically target him. The reason I point this out is the latest attack was on Diane, Sonny’s right-hand lawyer, who was attacked at Brando’s garage looking for paperwork for Sasha.

Interesting development, Diane is attacked, while Dex was supposed to be ensuring she was safe and was literally right outside the building. That does NOT make sense, and Dex is starting to look more and more like a culprit, but the audience knows that is way too easy. Remember Brando indicated his assailant had some type of jewelry that was clinging together like dog tags. Cue the shot of Dex with those dog tags. That is the question and Dante is starting to look at Dex as is Sonny and a few others close in his circle. And Dex found himself begging for his life courtesy of Sonny who was not mad he was livid, cue Michael trying to intervenel not a smart move to be honest Michael.

I guess I would have to figure out Dex’s motive. He could be a relative to someone that Sonny murdered years back, but at the same time, he’s working for Michael. So what actually is Dex up to if he is indeed the culprit people? Rumors have been buzzing that the culprit could be Officer Rory and I could see that argument if he wants to ensure Trina is all for himself, but a cop as a murderer? It doesn’t seem like a stretch, I just want to know was this always the endgame if Rory is the assailant or did this transpire after he realized that Trina has a torch for Spencer.

The motive would have to valiant to the attacks that have transpired and right now Ava’s attack makes sense, Brando’s not so much, even though Joss appears to have been the intended target. Those attacks, I can accept, Diane’s attack, not so much. Will the attorney survive? It seems so, but it is now evident to Jordan, Dante and the Port Charles PD that a killer is at large and it’s dangerous to be out on the streets solo people.

Seems some people in Port Charles are not that concerned, but they should be, “Hello, there is a killer on the loose” and ONLY Sonny seems to be taking action on protecting those he cares about. Ava still has lingering feelings for Nikolas, but is afraid to give him another chance considering he cheated on her with his son’s girlfriend. Nina is pushing for forgiveness, but Ava is hesitant.

Other things going on in PC include Anna and Valentin working together to take down Victor Cassadine. Valentin spilled that Victor has nabbed Charlotte and she is being held captive by him. Wow, that is cold to kidnap your own granddaughter and utilize her as leverage to get your son to do your bidding. Lucy is working as a spy for Anna and Valentin, but danger alert she better be careful people because Valentin is starting to sense something is afoot.

Elizabeth’s memory’s from her childhood is indeed slowly, but surely coming to light. However, her past hauntings might be connected to Finn of all people, as Liz’s father, a mystery woman and an island familiar to Finn have come into play. This is indeed interesting as it connects to his late wife, but where this may be going I have no idea.

Finn is busy securing an antidote to ensure the toxin used in the hook that killed Brando doesn’t kill anyone else. Get ready Finn, because you have a new victim coming into the ER. Carly has been dancing with a face from the past and Drew came to her rescue only further strengthening their bond. Cody is starting to realize that Mac’s interest in him might be more than just the notion that he might be a killer. Hmm, Britt, you seem to know the answer, so why not just spill it to Cody, the same applies for Felicia who all but spilled things to Cody, but the guy is not the brightest bulb. Just stop dragging this and reveal that Cody is Mac’s son. Look it is that simple people writers.

Alexis and Gregory are getting closer as they attempt to lure out a killer. At least some are trying to connect the dots to solve this mystery, as Robert explained the three victims: Ava, Brando and Diane are all connected to one person: Sonny. I’m starting to think that is intentional per the killer’s tactics. More will be revealed when the next target is lined up for this mystery assailant and with October being ushered in I’m certain there is more mayhem to come.