UNITED STATES−Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) introduced a $3 Trillion, Heroes Act on Friday, May 15, for the second round of stimulus checks that reportedly cover vital relief for government and essential workers, and funding for the coronavirus test kits. In the fine print, the bill reportedly includes other policies that are not COVID related.

The date stamp on the Pelosi backed Heroes Act indicates that the bill was created on May 12, 2020. Page one reads that the bill is, “Making emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, and for other purposes.”

The “other purposes” is extensive and includes some items that state struggled with prior COVID-19 such as homelessness.

Page two covers aid to those who have been named as essential workers, frontline workers, and those who may be in need during the time of quarantine including guaranteed monthly payments.

Many of the items in Pelosi’s bill are items that were on the agenda and some of the platforms of those running for elections in the Democratic party such as; Student loan forgiveness, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The Democrat-backed bill has not gained support from Republicans or all Democrats. Some indicated that the three trillion-dollar price tag was just too high while others suggested the bill covered too much.

In a Tweet, Speaker Pelosi spoke of the Bill, saying, “Today we introduced #HeroesAct, bold legislation to address the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.”



Speaker Pelosi has gotten a lot of flack on social media for proposing such a bill while she was home her own the 28th District of San Francisco that leads the nation in homelessness and has reportedly been ignored.



Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell acknowledges the need for another bill, but says, “The House has been at home for two months. They gave themselves no assignments except developing this proposal. Yet it still reads as though the Speaker of the House just pasted together random ideas from her most liberal members and slapped the word ‘coronavirus’ on top of it.”

President Trump reportedly called the new bill, DOA (Dead On Arrival).