WEST HOLLYWOOD—Denzel Washington, an Oscar-winning actor, assisted a homeless man standing in the street of oncoming traffic, where he rushed out of his vehicle and helped the man cross the road around 1 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, May 21.

Wearing a mask for precautionary reasons due to COVID-19, Washington ushered the homeless man to safety on a West Hollywood Street. The man did not seem to recognize Washington, but walked alongside him, being consoled until the police showed up to the scene. The man was also shown being given food and drinks by Washington in the footage from the scene. The man was detained but was let go within minutes.

Many civilians and witnesses took it to social media (Twitter, Facebook) to praise the actor for his efforts in being a “good samaritan”.

Facebook post praising the good Samaritan values made by Denzel Washington.

In Denzel Washington’s career, he has been involved in numerous different charities. He is a founding member of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund along with being an honorary Chairperson for Save Africa’s Children. He has also donated to the Fisher House Foundation, spending his down time visiting wounded soldiers at hospitals.

Washington has supported countless philanthropies including Make-A-Wish Foundation, Project Angel Food, Stand Up To Cancer, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and more. Previously he had donated $1 million to Wiley College for their debate team and supports 18 youth organizations, assisting in children’s well-being and development.