BEL AIR—Singer, Songwriter and actress Harriet Schock has created a jewelry line, adding yet another career to her already busy life. The beautiful star didn’t mind catching up with me recently on the set of her new film. As always, Schock has a great group of people around her, supporting her creativity. Schock entertained all of us who flew to Iowa last summer for the Independent Film Festival. This week Harriet explained co-dependent to me, though she has a new take on it.

Q-Harriet, How did you come up with the theme for Coda Pendant?

A-“Being a songwriter, I think of plays on words all the time. It occurred to me about a decade ago that ‘co-dependent’ sounded like ‘coda pendant’. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to develop a piece of jewelry and call it the Coda Pendant. So the first thing I did was save the domain names and Then a friend of mine from Dallas said his daughter was coming to L.A. and that she was a gemologist and jewelry designer. Her name is Melissa Spencer. I hired her to design it and then I had it custom manufactured by Toriki Designs. Then I trademarked it through Andrea Ross-Greene then created a website and I finally got the e-mail out announcing it. I consider it an extension of my songwriting career, since it came from a word play.”

Q-What is the greatest joy of your life right now?

A-“At the moment, I’m in the film ”˜Just 45 Minutes from Broadway,’ written and directed by Henry Jaglom. I thought my greatest joy was being in his play, [which was] directed by Gary Imhoff, but now that I’m in the film, I have to say I’m enjoying that just as much if not more. I’m also in a 12-woman show directed by Kathleen Rubin in which all 12 women deliver monologues and three of us sing songs, all based on very personal experiences. It’s called ”˜It’s Just My Life’ and it had its first reading on Monday.”

Q-Are you planning any more CD’s, since releasing “Breakdown On Memory Lane”?

A-“I’m always writing songs but ”˜Breakdown on Memory Lane’ is my seventh and I’m still promoting it. It’s getting airplay and I’m doing a concert on October 28, of songs from it and other CDs. J.D. Hinton is co-billed with me that night at the Mbar in Hollywood. I definitely plan to do another CD. Thanks for asking.”