HELLO AMERICA!—Through the years there have been so many stories about Desi Arnaz Jr. and sister Lucy claiming their untimely demise, it has almost become a joke.  When I spoke with my old friend of many years, he quickly let me know that he was still in there kicking.  “I’m fine and trying to make each day better not only for myself but for others, too.”  He quickly reminded me of the last time we spent a few hours together.  Sadly, it was a few months prior to Dean Martin Jr. dying in a plane accident.  We all were at a house where they both resided in the Hollywood Hills.  We shared a great health drink for breakfast and discussed life, fame and what great plans they had for the future.

When asking Desi why he decided to leave Los Angles for a life in Boulder City, Nevada, he didn’t miss a breath in responding.  “Sanity,” he said. “My whole life had been in the face of the world.  Because of my parents, no matter what we did or said ended up somewhere in the press or media.  I didn’t really know who I was.  Yes, I had our singing group with Dean and the guys but we were still looked upon as Desi and Lucy’s kids.  And that include friends or anyone might not know who I was or my sister, we were trapped, locked in a system that excluded reality.  It was important for me to find out who the hell I was and what could I offer the world in positive way.  My folks made people laugh, feel good and believe that it was ok to fumble as long as you have the guts to pick yourself up and move on.  That’s how my mom was, she would never allow anything or anybody keep her down.  Her image on screen was one thing but when in real life, she was tough as nails and a helluva business head.  She kept things in place and happening.”

Desi quickly reminded that his continued passion for the entertainment industry convinced him that he should purchase the legendary Boulder Theatre in Boulder City, Nevada after moving there.  “We produce ballets, shows and specials there,” he offered.  “I’ve gotten to really love the place.  However, I do get out to make public appearances when possible.  Not long ago, as you know, I was at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills.  They wanted me to discuss music from my mom’s show and I even performed two of my dad’s songs ‘Old Straw Hat’ and ‘Cuban Pete.’  Of course, I could never give it that special flavor that dad was known for but I tried.”

Desi’s wife Amy passed away in January 2015 and he admitted that he is still attempting to deal with the loss.  “You know one has to remember that everything has a reason to happen,” he said. “Amy was very loving, very special, a rock that kept things solid and real.  I will always remember that about her because it never allows me to forget that each day you wake up is VERY special.”