WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city commenced work on the Design District Streetscape & Undergrounding Project, a major infrastructure project to implement the recommendations of the adopted West Hollywood Design District Streetscape Master Plan as announced on May 28 via the city’s website.

The Master Plan was designed to improve the aesthetics and mobility of the commercial district known as West Hollywood Design District, with a focus on economic vitality of the district. Key features of the project include pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements; new pavement and sidewalks; distinctive trees and landscaping; upgraded street furniture and streetlights; smart city infrastructure installation; utility undergrounding work; and the creation of new public gathering places with integrated public art.

According to a news release from the city of West Hollywood, the Design District Streetscape construction started in May 2022 on Melrose Avenue at N. San Vicente Boulevard and will move east towards N. Croft Avenue (just east of N. La Cienega Boulevard where West Hollywood meets Los Angeles). The project includes rebuilding the entire sidewalk and roadway. Sidewalks will be widened in most regions and decorative concrete will be installed. There will be new roadway paving and striping, signal modifications, landscaping, LED streetlights, EV Charging stations, in-roadway warning lights, transit shelters, and a gathering space with artwork.

Construction on utility Undergrounding started in April 2022 on Melrose Avenue at N. Doheny Drive and moves east toward N. Robertson Boulevard. The project includes improvements such as installing new underground conduits and vaults for Southern California Edison, Charter Communications, and AT&T services. When completed, overhead wires and power poles will be removed, and new roadway paving and striping will be done.

Impacts during construction include parking restrictions, temporary traffic lane closures and/or temporary narrowing of pedestrian walkways, construction noise during work hours, and removal and alteration of some temporary outdoor dining (OUT Zone) areas.

All businesses will remain open during construction and public parking will be available at the West Hollywood Park five-story structure, located at 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard.

Trees are including in the District Streetscape project and newly selected canopy trees will play a role in providing natural, ample shade for pedestrians. The project will introduce approximately 40 additional trees. The combination of three selected species will be unique to the Design District, which will serve to create a visually appealing neighborhood atmosphere and that is environmentally responsive.

The anticipated completion of the first phase of the Undergrounding project is slated for October 2022; the second phase is expected to be completed by April 2023.

The anticipated completion of the current phase of the Design District Streetscape project along Melrose Avenue between N. San Vicente Boulevard and N. Croft Avenue is June 2023.

For additional information and project details visit www.wehodesigndistrictstreetscape.com. The project website includes an email update sign-up form for notifications about construction. For ongoing information about the project contact the project feedback line at (800) 362-3996 or send an email message to WehoDesignDistrictSteetscape@bergcm.com.

For more details about West Hollywood’s Department of Public Works call (323) 848-6375. For people who are Deaf or hard of hearing call TTY (323) 848-6496.