HOLLYWOOD—The epic returns just keep on rocking Genoa City on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” First, we saw Adam Newman return to the foray, and now his wife Chelsea Newman has returned to take care of some unfinished business. Keep your eyes glued to the soap because the original Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) is slated to resume her role in the coming week’s people.

Adam has regained his memory, and he wants to reunite his family: Chelsea, Connor and Christian. However, it seems he might still have a thing for Sharon because he went to extreme lengths to really bring her back into his orbit, so much to the point of reaching out to Chelsea. The problem is that Sharon is attracted to Adam even though she is with Rey. Just when the audience thought Rey and Sharon would get their happily ever-after, it looks like Adam is about to be that thorn in their relationship.

Adam’s return did cue something that I never expected, and I must say I’m giddy about it: a partnership. However, this is not the partnership you expected because Adam is teaming up with Phyllis who is on a warpath. This woman wants blood and after being humiliated by Jack, Billy, Kyle, Lauren and the rest of the Abbotts and those at Jabot, I’m all for it. Adam and Phyllis have been labeled town pariahs and Adam has implemented plans to utilize Phyllis’ rage to settle a few scores.

I mean Adam has every right to Christian who is his son. I get Nick has raised the child, but Nick would want his kid back if someone else was raising them. Victor is the only ally on Adam’s side, as Victoria, Nick, and Abby have read Adam for filth. Billy and Victoria decided to celebrate their reunion with a little celebration gathering the Abbott and Newman clan, but didn’t expect Adam and Phyllis to crash the shindig. I know this storyline is slowly building for the return of Michelle Stafford, but what glee would it be to see Billy, Kyle, Jack, Ashley and even Lauren at this point have a taste of their own medicine.

It absolutely feels like love is in the air in GC. Devon and Valerie are getting cozy, Kyle and Lola are in newlywed bliss (even though they’re not married), Abby is warming up to Nate; I mean love is very much prevalent for those who have been burned greatly in the past. This has been a long time coming for Devon, and when it comes to Abby, this woman deserves happiness after all the chaotic relationships she’s dealt with.

On top of that it seems Kyle has had a taste of the jealously pill now that Summer has moved on from him and his getting coz with a face from his past, Theo. Lola was not happy to see Kyle so jealous, which makes me wonder, is he still holds a torch for his former flame. I mean he proposed to Lola who shut him down. So I sense some major chaos headed towards ‘Kola’ in coming weeks.