HOLLYWOOD—The Halloween episode of “Dexter” was titled “Everything is Illuminated.” Lumen and Dexter’s bond became very intertwined tonight, with Lumen shooting one of the men who had previously raped and kidnapped her. The ring of criminals is shrinking. Dexter was on the hunt for a new victim, then as he drugged the man he had planned on killing, his cell phone began to ring. “It’s me, I didn’t leave Miami. I shot one of the men who raped me,” Lumen told Dexter. That was the beginning of an exciting night and the episode never slowed down.

Dexpert Michael McClelland said before the episode started, “It is Halloween and ”˜Dexter’ is on. Somehow the stars aligned just right. The writing and acting were aligned perfectly as well. Lumen’s continued determination to avenge what happened to her placed Dexter in the direct path of the Miami police officers that he works with. Deb’s feelings for Quinn continued to deepen, even though he’s lying to her about his investigation of her brother.

Also tonight, Angel and Maria began to heal their wounded new marriage, while Angel sought a suspect in order to force her to turn evidence against a bigger criminal the Miami P.D. has been following. Maria continued to take heat from higher ups in the city, because of Angel’s short fuse-temper. The chemistry between the actors who play the husband and wife team is sensational. However, with Angel’s jealousy, there is no way this relationship is going to last.

Although Quinn’s ally is helping him dig into Dexter’s life and try to expose him as the serial killer Kyle Butler, viewers know Dexter isn’t about to be taken down by anyone, and when he becomes aware of being followed and investigated, there will be trouble for Quinn.

When Dexter arrived at the warehouse where Lumen had shot and injured one of the men who previously assaulted her, he tracked the perpetrator down by using luminal to find blood droplets. Once found, the dentist pretended to be a good guy, who was simply mistaken for the man who raped Lumen. However, when Dexter dragged her out of the room, they began hearing the man talking to someone. Lumen had dropped her cell phone, and the dentist was calling one of the other men who had kidnapped her, and Dexter broke the man’s neck once he revealed himself to be the man she was after.

By the end of the episode, Dexter was having flashbacks of his late wife Rita’s death, and Lumen and Dexter made a promise to hunt down and kill all of the men involved in what happened to her in the past. The acting of Michael C. Hall was sensational tonight. Surely if he’s ever to be given another Emmy, this episode is at the top of the list of shows to submit to the Academy. The almost marathon-like performance went perfectly with the writing, which was filled with drama, despair and so many twists and turns, it felt like the viewers were in Kansas during a tornado. Somehow Dexter was able to use his murdered victim and Lumen’s victim to make it look like a sexual induced murder suicide, thus thwarting his own sister and the other members of the Miami P.D. into closing the case.

Dexpert Bobby Head from Alabama said, “I never liked Rita. But I am really enjoying Dexter with Lumen. Julia Stiles is a great actress, and this character is going to be someone that places Dexter in a lot of jeopardy this season.”

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