HOLLYWOOD—Sunday night’s episode of “Dexter” was titled “Beauty And The Beast.” The lines between Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall and Lumen, played by Julia Stiles are becoming blurred. When Dexter saved Lumen from death at the hands of a serial killer last week, fans weren’t sure where the exciting storyline would go. One week later, we can deduce that it’s going into an even more exciting direction. As Lumen decided after being hunted by Dexter, chased through the woods, tied up and then carried to the graveyard where her tormentor has placed five other women’s bodies in barrels, she decided that Dexter was only trying to save her life after all. He explained that his wife, Rita had recently been killed and that he was trying to put an end to the monster’s life that had kidnapped and murdered other women.

After convincing Lumen that he was not going to hurt her, she stabbed him with his own knife, then went into a hysterical crying-spell, then realized that Dexter Morgan was not the man she’d feared he was all along. Won’t Lumen be not only disappointed but frightened when she finds out that Dexter is also the same type of monster that kidnapped her weeks ago, who also planned on raping and killing her?

Deb came face to face with a murder suspect in Miami. Her run-in almost got one of his victim’s beheaded, but she was able to stop the man, after he slit the victim’s throat with a machete. The suspect in the Santa Muerte homicides did manage however to jump out of a window in his apartment building before the authorities could stop him.

Then Quinn continued to uncover striking similarities between his co-worker Dexter Morgan and the infamous serial killer known as Kyle Butler. By the end of the episode, Quinn had stalked the FBI agent enlisted to protect and hide Jonah and the family of the trinity killer, in order to confront Jonah in a convenience store with Dexter Morgan’s picture. “Tell me, Jonah, is this Kyle Butler?” Jonah’s reaction was an acknowledgement to Quinn that he was on the right track about Dexter all along. However, before Quinn could get an affirmative answer from Jonah, he was arrested by the FBI.

That led to his receiving an unpaid-suspension from his boss on the Miami Police homicide division, and ultimately Deb, who is exhausted by taking care of her live-in brother’s baby, asked Quinn if she could spend the night with him. Quinn was initially hesitant, since he is investigating her brother for homicides. He kept his mouth shut about his investigations to Deb, but viewers saw a side of him that they don’t like very much.

While Dexter and Lumen were finally talking about what happened between them and why Dexter murdered her tormentor, the young woman admitted that Boyd was not the only one who was involved with her kidnapping and rape. Dexter looked stunned, as Lumen stated, “It was more than just Boyd, and I can’t just go home as if nothing happened. I have to stop all of the men involved in what happened to me.”

Viewers were as flabbergasted as Dexter. Michael C. Hall’s amazing marathon-like performance never ceases to amaze viewers of the hit show. However, during tonight’s episode, he and Stiles were incredible in their very dramatic, and by the end of the show, poignant scenes. All of the acting is superb, but “Dexter” viewers are starting to feel Quinn needs to be stopped and that Lumen’s revenge against her captors is just beginning.

Jenn Darq stated, “Dex had better catch on to Quinn before it’s too late.” “Another monster rises from the ashes and joins the ranks of Dexter. Let the fun begin, and this season is looking better and better! Keep on killing em’ Dex![Sic]”

Kelli Jennings Register concluded, “Julia Stiles rocks as Lumen! Can’t wait until next week’s episode.”

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