HOLLYWOOD—Tonight’s episode was titled “First Blood.” Dexter Morgan continued his devious and dark secret life of stalking victims and murdering them. However, his Achilles heel may end up being Lumen, who is just as determined to avenge her rape and kidnapping as Dexter’s determined to catch and kill the men involved himself.

After rescuing Lumen from her horrific imprisonment, Dexter tried to convince her to leave Miami and return home to her family. Although the trauma that she suffered has made her both physically and mentally fragile, Lumen did attempt to find the men that tortured her. Dexter managed to beat her to a suspect, then figured out that he was the wrong man. He was able to stop Lumen just in time, as she was about to pounce.

Julia Stiles is doing a superb job in the role. The chemistry between Dexter and Lumen is crackling. He’s trying his best to talk her into doing the very thing he is incapable of doing himself. When Dexter is pleading with Lumen to put her past and her anger aside and move on, Michael C. Hall’s expressions are incredible. He is very much a consummate actor, who knows how to make the role both creepy and heroic.

As Lumen becomes less of a fallen angel and more of an avenging one, she places Dexter in jeopardy of being captured himself. His co-worker Quinn decided to enlist the help of a criminal ally of his own to find out Dexter’s secrets. All the while, Quinn continued his affair with Dexter’s sister Deb.

What makes this series so exciting to watch is that although our anti-hero Dexter is the main focus of the show. There are still subplots going on during each episode. Not only were Quinn and Deb focused on greatly, but also so were Maria and Angel. Angel became very jealous and began to believe his wife Maria was having an affair with a detective, so he started stalking them. Later he found out that she was involved in a sting operation and that he had ruined it.

Deb is not coming clean with Dexter about her sexual relationship with Quinn, which places a lot of stress on their sibling relationship. Dexter has a justified distrust of Quinn, but his hands are already full dealing with Lumen. His conscious keeps warning him that he’s about to be caught if he doesn’t stop putting his emotions before common sense. Dexter also is fighting valiantly to be a great father to his 10 month old son Harrison.

The biggest shocker of the night was right after Dexter took Lumen to the airport to leave Miami, she became almost catatonic when she was being searched by TSA officials before boarding the plane. Her emotional breakdown led her to decide not to leave Miami, thus making Dexter’s life even more confusing.

Alissa Wallace said, “Tonight’s show was great. Oh my god, I can’t believe the chick stayed. She’s going to get Dexter into trouble.” Robert Siller said, “Dexter rocks! My wife and I are big fans. Can’t wait to see the show next week.”

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