HOLLYWOOD—Tonight’s episode was titled “In The Beginning.” Dexter’s hunt for Jordan chase led him to the other unknown assailant named Alex, who was also becoming a suspect in the barrel girls murders. Deb and Quinn were heating up the case for these murders, but their romance has taken a very chilly turn. Deb was happy to be back on detective duty and no longer filing. Dexter was desperately trying to stay one step ahead of his coworkers on the Miami Police force, but he managed to do so only because Jordan Chase was assisting him. It’s evident that Jordan is the evil puppeteer of all of the men who Dexter and Lumen have hunted down and killed, and they were raping and kidnapping women at Chase’s behest.

The crooked private investigator that Quinn hired to investigate Dexter is getting out of control. He forged Quinn’s signature on a police equipment request form, then planted a bug with cameras and sound in Dexter’s rented hotel room. He was able to see Dexter and Lumen conspiring to kill their next victim. Lumen and Dexter assumed that the victim would be the ring leader Jordan Chase himself, but it turned out to be Alex, who was set up to be murdered by Jordan. When Jordan watched as Dexter and Lumen entered Alex’s home, he called Deb at the Miami Homicide and turned Alex in, pretending to be a concerned citizen informant, when he was actually hoping that Deb would catch her brother Dexter and Lumen in Alex’s home murdering him.

As Dexter allowed Lumen to make her first kill, he watched in admiration and in horror. What she has done has now changed her forever. Lumen, played by Julia Stiles is now forever linked with Dexter’s serial killing lifestyle. The actress is doing her best work ever. Not being a huge fan of Ms. Stiles, I am now in awe of her amazing performance as a survivor, and now murderer.

Michael C. Hall is always on the mark, but he’s also far more superior of an actor than anyone on television today. Fans just can’t get enough of the man who portrays the serial killer with a heart. Dexpert Steve Hopkins said, “This season is ”˜Dexter’ is smoking hot!” Donna Wells Osborne was very happy that Dexter and Lumen consummated their relationship. Donna wrote on Facebook, “Every woman out there is wishing she was Lumen right now! I wish I was!! I love Dexter!!”

“Awesome!!! Lumens first kill! Great suspense, I can’t wait till next week,” said Angel Baez. Fiona Douglas seems to have the last two episodes figured out. “Quinn will get Liddy and Dexter has to get Quinn. Just hope Dexter doesn’t have to kill Lumen,” said Ms. Douglas.

“Dexter” is heating up for the homestretch. Fans are very excited about the last two episodes, with tonight’s being at the top of the list. The acting and writing is superb and unstoppable this season. “In The Beginning” was exciting and action packed. Let’s just hope that Dexter is not placed in too much jeopardy, because Lumen may not survive it.

“Dexter” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on Showtime.