UNITED STATES—Major League Baseball will present to the Players Association the possibility of adding a designated hitter to the National League this year.

Currently, a designated hitter is only allowed in the American League, but this can soon change if passed. A designated hitter allows teams to have one player known as the DH to bat in place of the pitcher.

Making the DH rule MLB wide is aimed at keeping pitchers healthier during a shortened schedule due to COVID-19, as this season or any shortened season could include increased doubleheaders and/or fewer off-days to make up for lost time. It would be temporary, and could open up the possibilities of it becoming permanent.

For many years, the DH rule becoming available in the National League was discussed, but never came to fruition. Many in favor of the DH rule feel it would decrease the amount of strikeouts, in addition to keeping pitchers healthy throughout the season.

There is currently no baseball, but there is talks about the sport returning in the summer.